Macromark Weighs in on Recent Survey Showing Improved Public Perception of Direct Mail

Macromark comments on a recently released survey that shows improved consumer perception towards direct mail marketing.

Macromark (, a progressive direct mail company specializing in acquisition, retention and monetization, is weighing in on a recent survey showing improved public perception of direct mail.

The survey, conducted by Wilmington Millennium, showed a change in the public’s perception of being targets of direct mail marketing. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, close to 50% believed that connecting with them through direct mail is a good way to go. That figure is up by 7% from the same time last year. Of those surveyed, 44% also agreed their favorite direct marketing communication is direct mail and door drops. (Source: Cosgrove, S., “Public sees direct mail in fonder light survey finds,” January 29, 2016

“Macromark has stuck to its belief in the power of direct mail for 30 years,” says Dave Klein, CEO and president of Macromark Inc. “We understand its value for consumers, and we continue to help clients reach their targets using effective list-building direct mail strategies.”

Experts point to new and stricter regulations as one of the key factors contributing to the improved perception of direct mail. Many believe the regulations haven’t negatively impacted the industry.

“Direct mail will continue to flourish because it works,” Klein continues. “I know many people may have been concerned when these regulations were issued to the entire industry, but here we are, still going strong and actually getting better by the results of this survey.”

Klein goes on to say that large corporations and small businesses alike are turning to direct mail to help them better reach the consumers. From banks to independent contractors, direct mail has remained one of the most personal forms of communication with targets.

Macromark Inc. specializes in providing targeted and relevant consumer and business lists used for prospecting, lead generation, and direct-marketing sales. The company is one of the largest direct mail and targeted-list brokers in the U.S. and provides additional services in e-commerce, insert media, print media buying, and database marketing services. Macromark currently has over 300 consumer and business-to-business clients across the U.S., Canada, and internationally. The company prides itself on exemplary service and clear brokerage and list management objectives.

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