MacroFab Releases Next Version of Its On-Demand Electronics Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Platform

MacroFab announces the release of the next version of its on demand electronics manufacturing and PCB assembly platform.

MacroFab, a cloud enabled electronics manufacturing platform based in Houston, Texas, is proud to announce the release of the latest version of its on-demand electronics manufacturing and PCB assembly platform.

Updates to the platform are in response to increased customer demand and new feature requests, including options for custom PCB thickness and parts consignment for complex product assembly. MacroFab is the first platform of its kind on the market and it continues to innovate as evident by this new release.

The platform is designed to make it easier, faster, and less expensive to manufacture new electronic products while providing complete transparency throughout the process. MacroFab manages and automates the day-to-day operations of each customer’s project, helping to eliminate overhead so the customer can focus on other important business areas. As the only platform in the market to provide this level of service to individual clients, MacroFab’s goal is to revolutionize and change the way entrepreneurs and small businesses approach new product prototyping and manufacturing.

MacroFab’s automated platform moves information directly from the client, via an easy-to-use web interface, to the manufacturing floor, thereby reducing the up-front cost and complexity of getting a manufacturing job up and running. MacroFab’s self-service user interface allows the client to take full control and define everything about their product without any back-and-forth calls or emails. Customers can view instant quotes based on their design files, easily manage inventory, and seamlessly ship products directly to their customers at any point during product development. MacroFab’s manufacturing API can integrate fully with a client’s e-commerce and ordering systems, adjusting to expanding operations as their business grows. This gives entrepreneurs a way to build and fulfill all on one platform.

MacroFab’s main features include:

1. Seamless Manufacturing
MacroFab’s online platform provides a seamless manufacturing process. Customers can upload their designs, manage their bill of materials, and get instant turnkey PCB assembly quotes. Other tasks such as sourcing components, product assembly, and testing are taken care of by the automated manufacturing line. Customers step-by-step updates via email throughout all stages of manufacturing and delivery.

2. Smarter Prototyping
The MacroFab manufacturing approach is designed to bring about effective and efficient prototyping. It puts the client in complete control with its self-service online interface. Low volume orders are grouped together into large runs, thereby reducing non-recurring individual costs. This smarter approach allows for no minimum quantities and single-unit PCB assembly.

3. Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment
MacroFab’s platform allows clients to ship in components and materials, review inventory online, and build complex products, all without ever touching a box or counting a reel. Regardless of the number of orders, MacroFab handles all packaging and shipping needs. Inventory is stored in an insured warehouse and can be shipped automatically to customers via MacroFab’s API, email, or online interface.

All assembly is performed on MacroFab’s automated manufacturing line in Houston, Texas. The online platform, which received angel funding from TechStars, was founded by a team of entrepreneurs and electronic engineers in 2013.

Contact Info:
Name: Abel Acuña
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Organization: MacroFab
Address: 1107 Hutchins St., Houston, TX 77003
Phone: (713) 300-2591

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