Macomb Township Chiropractic Chiropractor Chris McNeil Offers Macomb County MI Residents Free Health Assessments

Local Chiropractor is offering a free health assessment and consultation.

Dr. Chris McNeil of Macomb Twp. Chiropractic is trying to help get the residents of Macomb County Michigan off to healthy start for 2019. To do this his chiropractic clinic is offering a free health assessment to any of the local residents.

This free health assessment consists of a detailed consultation with a health history and a nerve assessment using state of the art technology. This state of the art technology, called the Insight Subluxation Station, will measure to see if a person has any nerve interference that could be causing any health issues.

The foundation of chiropractic care is built upon a healthy nervous system. The nervous system is comprised of the brain, spinal cord and the spinal nerves. The nerves exit the spinal column and travel throughout the entire body controlling every muscle, joint, organ and cell in the body. How your body works is the brain sends a specific signal through your spinal cord, then through the spinal nerves to control a specific muscle, joint, organ or cell.

For example, the brain is sending a specific signal right now telling the heart to beat and the lungs to breathe. If someone wanted to get up to go to the bathroom, their brain is going to tell the muscle to get up and walk to the bathroom. Next, their brain will tell the digestive system to eliminate the waste in their body. The same thing happens when someone cut themself. Their brain tells the body to start the phases of tissue repair sending different cells to the injured area and to clot and heal the cut. This all happens best with a properly functioning nervous system.

When people work hard and play hard the spine and posture can become misaligned putting pressure on the spinal nerves. This can lead to a decrease or loss in the signal from the brain to the part of the body it’s trying to control. This will intern lead to dysfunction and eventually a disease process. Nerve pressure can be the cause of a whole host of health issue like: headaches, sinuses, neck pain, pain in the arms or legs, shoulder pain, mid back pain, low back pain, sciatica, numbness, amongst other health problems. “With the nerve assessment we can pinpoint exactly where there is nerve pressure in the spine, “said Dr. Chris McNeil of Macomb Township Chiropractic Macomb County MI.

Following the nerve assessment the doctor can let the patient know if they have condition chiropractic can help. If it’s not a chiropractic condition Dr. McNeil can refer the person out to the appropriate specialist.

For anyone interested in getting a free health assessment, they can contact Macomb Twp. Chiropractic at 586-566-2273 or visit

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