Macomb Township Chiropractic Chiropractor Chris McNeil Hires New Chiropractic Assistant

Leading Macomb Township chiropractor Dr. Chris McNeil is expanding his staff to better serve his patients and bring on additional new patients.

As summer breaks through in Macomb Township, Michigan, Chiropractor Chris McNeil is continuing to help the people of Macomb Township through his technology and techniques of chiropractic care including: chiropractic biophysics postural and spinal rehabilitation technique, Kennedy Non-Surgical Disc Decompression Therapy, NASA certified technology to detect nerve interference and pinching of the nerves, as well as having an onsite digital postural x-ray suite.

Only 1% of the chiropractors in the country are licensed to practice such prestigious and advanced approaches to chiropractic health care. Additionally the clinic specializes in auto accident cases, in which patients do well with rehabilitation techniques, specifically in disc decompression therapy, since most auto accident patients have disc injuries. For those patients with possible disc injuries, the doctors can send patients out for an MRI to help further diagnose their condition and determine their treatment plan. They utilize state of the art MRI technologies such as Weight bearing MRI and Dynamic MRI to give us an accurate image of the spine the spinal discs and to determine if the patient may be suffering with a disc bulge, herniation or degeneration. The clinic also specializes in treatment in younger children and pregnant women, helping children with the symptoms of ADHD, autism, ear infections, etc and pregnant women with lower back pain. Dr. McNeil has been using a culmination of techniques and practicing chiropractic for over 15 years and is well experienced in his field.

To supplement the state-of-the-art technology handled in the Macomb Township Chiropractic, Dr. Chris McNeil works with his wonderful team consisting of Kayla, Office Manager, and Sarina, Chiropractic Assistant. Kayla has been working in the clinic for over 4 years, and Sarina has been in the office over a year and a half. The team members assist Dr. McNeil in, greeting visitors to the office, screening/making phone calls, assisting in making X-Rays, scheduling appointments and many more important tasks that aid Dr. McNeil in providing the absolute best possible care for patients in their chiropractic needs. Dr. McNeil seeks the absolute best of employees when recruiting for his clinic. Team members are meant to be kind, helpful, and productive, all and many more qualities that Sarina and Kayla possess themselves.

As Dr. McNeil’s clinic continues to grow and with more patients coming in every day, he needs more workers to complete the daily routine of the office which is why Varun was hired as a new chiropractic assistant for the clinic joining Sarina as the second assistant.

Varun is a newly graduated high school senior from the International Academy of Macomb - an international school teaching the International Baccalaureate Program Curriculum based out of Macomb Township - and also being the number one ranked high school in Michigan and number eighth ranked high school in the United States. He will be attending Oakland University in the fall as a Computer Science student striving to become a technological innovator in the medical field, and looking to go to graduate school after receiving his bachelor's degree. Varun has had previous experience in the medical field by doing research at Wayne State’s School of Medicine focusing in on the relationship between hearing loss and balance within veterans. He also has leadership qualities as being the captain of his high school’s FIRST Robotics Team, and achieved top honors in his IB HL Biology courses. “We are very excited to have Varun join our clinic - he will be an excellent addition to our team,” says Dr. McNeil. Varun will be assisting the office as well as doing free health assessments using state-of-the-art technology at the Dodge Park Farmers Market every Thursday, in which new patients can receive a nerve assessment on their neck as well as an offer for $20.00 for a full neurological assessment, full health history, and a full computerized muscle test in their first visit at the office - an offer that is usually a $150.00 value, but at a $130.00 discount for a limited time only!

For anyone interested in receiving a free health assessment from the Macomb Township Chiropractic, they can visit the Dodge Park Farmers Market on Thursday from 3-8 PM or they can call us at 586-566-223 to schedule an appointment. The first appointment is absolutely free!

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