Luxury Supplier Launches New Electric Retractable Pool Decks

R3TRACT is launching a new line of electric retractable pool decks. Their aim is to ensure that their products are accessible to a wider audience than before.

R3TRACT LLC is pleased to announce the launch of a new line of electric retractable pool decks for their customers. The company already provided premium models powered by hydraulics. The new electrical variants are designed in a way that is more cost efficient to ensure that a high quality retractable pool deck is available to a wider group of homeowners.

The two new decks are the Electric H-Line and the Electric S-Line. The new variants of the hydraulic systems feature the same safety features, load bearing capacity, customizable cladding design, and cost-saving benefits. The H-Line Sliding Deck is the most popular model, providing customization. The business can work with either landscape or architect firms to design the perfect sliding pool deck for any property. This includes choosing whether the cover should retract lengthwise or widthwise.

The S-Link Sinking Deck is a moveable floor. It is designed to provide the right balance between luxury and practicality, offering industrial grade quality. The deck also allows homeowners to set the depth of the pool by using a smart device.

The only difference between the electric decks and the hydraulic style is that they do not provide as much customization and have maximum size restraints. However, the brand is confident that these will be the perfect choice for the average homeowner with pricing that is more affordable and accessible.

As well as offering the new electrical lineup, the company also provides other options such as the V-Line deck. This opens and closes by lifting vertically before folding uprighted. It is ideal for restricted areas and those who would benefit from a wall that provides complete privacy outside their home.


R3TRACT LLC is a U.S-Based company that supplies retractable pool decks across all of the United States. The business boasts more than 300,000 sq/ft of combined manufacturing space across Europe.

R3TRACT pool decks represent the gold standard of luxury bespoke home amenities. The company is positioned as the primary source of luxury pool covers in the USA. ​With offices in Miami, Los Angeles, and Toronto – R3TRACT can service clients anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. The business is available 24/7 to provide complete support to clients and answer any questions that they may have.

More information about R3TRACT and their new line of electric retractable pool decks can be found on the business website. Alternatively, a representative for the company can be contacted using the information that is provided below.

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