Luxury Inside Steadily Climbs the Steep Slope of Popularity

Business Merchant E-magazine named Luxury Inside, edited by Nguyen Thuy Duong, has been climbing the steep slope of popularity with their distinguished content. In the second half of 2019, the site witnessed maximum traffic among all other Vietnamese e-organizes of the same genre.

Luxury Inside, a Vietnamese E-magazine, has off late become a well-known name as a business merchant magazine for the quality of its content. Unlike most magazines of the genre, it aspires to deliver fresh and delivered content to the readers, which is perhaps the primary reason for its rising popularity. While the name of the magazine itself suggests that its content would be centered around extravagance, it goes on to offer suggestions that could be rather economical when planned strategically. features articles that encompass an enormous range of issues including but not limited to travel, gardening, home decor, pet care, wellness, self-growth, life skills. It also features intriguing pieces on contemporary issues that go on to inform and educate the readers, thereby surpassing the narrow boundaries of typical lifestyle magazines.

A survey related to Vietnamese business merchant e-magazines revealed that Luxury Inside was the one to witness maximum traffic in the second half of 2019. It goes on to familiarize readers with diverse subjects such as the different variations of wine or the latest tech introduced by Apple. Some of the most popular pieces published by the magazine include writings on the different rare varieties of orchid and how to grow them and care for them.

The chief editor of the e-magazine, Nguyen Thuy Duong, says, “Our attempt has always been to cater to the multiplicity of tastes of our readers, and we pay great attention to ensure that we something to offer for everyone. Our latest features on the popular travel destinations received a lot of praise with readers reaching out to ask with requests for publishing more of similar content.”

One of the reporters who has been writing for the magazine for three years commented, “As a part of the team, we have witnessed the gradual growth of the magazine, and I firmly believe that have received so much love from our readers because our content is well researched, and they always aim to benefit the readers as much as they can. This is not another lifestyle magazine which builds castles in the air, but we deliver our readers with realistic ideas that can be executed with minimal effort.”

In the future, they hope they will be able to offer an even more diverse range of content, thereby pushing the boundaries of business merchant magazines.

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Luxury Inside is a popular business merchant E-magazine that comments on upcoming technology with relation to specific brands, on horticulture, tourism, sports, nightlife, and all factors that can be counted within the purview of lifestyle and wellness.

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