Luxury Drug Rehab In California For Long-Term Recovery Overseen By Doctors, Psychiatrists, And Counsellors

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Wish Recovery provides drug rehab and drug detox in a luxury setting in Northridge, California. It combines a clinical and therapeutic approach to deliver personalized care that facilitates recovery.

According to announcements released by Wish Recovery, luxury drug rehab offered at its California center is a safe, effective, and confidential choice for those wishing to kick the addiction and regain health. Wish Recovery creates personalized plans to aid a client's recovery.

The treatments are prescribed considering the length of addiction, present health, medical advice, drugs abused, and response to past treatments if any. The holistically devised treatment includes medication, life skills training, psychotherapy, and other treatment aspects that help reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms, effect a safe detox, impart skills and mindsets that help fight relapses, and help the subject regain control over his or her life.

The California drug rehab center focuses on helping addicts achieve lasting change by eliminating habits and substances that have led to the addiction. During the residential stay at the recovery center, clients learn to develop healthy habits that foster sobriety and empower one to fight stress and triggers that push one toward substance abuse. With compassionate support from professionals, recovering addicts can focus their thoughts and efforts on rising above the addiction in comfortably appointed environs and a luxury setting.

Wish Recovery strives to be the standard by which other centers get assessed. Its world-class facilities and effective treatment programs are proven enablers for long-term recovery, aiming to address the fundamental causes of addiction to encourage full healing.

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Wish Recovery said, “We provide a congenial recuperative environment for those struggling with addiction by combining clinical and therapeutic approaches to promote long-term recovery. Our team of professional doctors, psychiatrists, and counselors give personalized and comprehensive care for patients.

We understand that addiction is a disease, and by following an innovative treatment approach, we ensure that patients get quality treatment. We use proven and evidence-based approaches to design efficient recovery programs. For instance, the detox program provides that patients lead a drug-free life without struggling with the severity of withdrawal symptoms. The designs are based on the three phases of addiction treatment: detox (medical), psychotherapy (counseling), and after-treatment care (social work).”

On the premium facilities offered, Wish Recovery said, “At Wish Recovery, we recognize that patients need quality and premium facilities for fast and holistic recovery. We have well-furnished private rooms that foster the privacy of patients. Our specialized and licensed personnel deal with patients on a one-on-one basis, thus promoting individualized care.

Topping to that, we have a swath of entertainment options ranging from mini-golf, table football, table tennis to billiards. The health and fitness of our patients are of great concern. We have a gym, steam room, and a sauna that strengthens patients' emotional and physical health. In addition, the deluxe private suites furnished with high-end furniture and fixtures adds comfort. With a movie theatre and an outdoor BBQ, the Wish Recovery gamut of luxury entertainment facilities is unparalleled. We recognize luxury facilities are ingredients for success in a patient's recovery journey.”

About the Center:

Wish Recovery provides addiction detox and rehab in a luxury setting. Residential treatment is provided in a safe and supportive environment and is personalized to the client's situation. Supplemental therapies to bolster mind-body wellness include acupuncture, chiropractic care, art therapy, yoga, fitness, and pain management.

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Name: Wish Recovery
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Organization: Wish Recovery
Address: 9460 Wish Ave, Northridge, CA 91325
Phone: (747) 222-8808

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Name: Wish Recovery
Email: Send Email
Organization: Wish Recovery
Address: 9460 Wish Ave, Northridge, CA 91325