LuguLake Launches New Qi Wireless Charger Power In The Air

LuguLake launches new Qi wireless chargers which are already available at its online store. This new and improved wireless charging solution is expected to be popular among mobile phone users.

The invention of mobile phone extricates people from the space limit caused by telephone wire and provides an unchained telecommunication experience; the close physical connection between PC and mouse ends with the advent of wireless mouse which makes computer operation freer and smoother; The WIFI frees people from the messy network cable and enables them to surf internet anywhere and anytime.

The smart phone will look even more SMART when get rid of its ‘tail’ (charging cable).

Although the technologies, formation and standards witness rapid development and various wireless technologies have brought great convenience for our lives, there seems to be one little ‘tail’ that still sticks round on our desks----the charging cable. The wireless transmission of signal is already a common phenomenon in our lives, so is the wireless transmission of electricity. Here is some information on ‘wireless charging’ and this wireless charging product----tail terminator.

Simple Outlook & Humanized Design

LuguLake wireless charger is covered mainly with the classic black, which creates a simple and stylish outlook. Made of heat-resistant ABS eco-friendly material, this product is endowed with superior properties such as abrasion resistance, waterproof and anti-corrosion. There is a conspicuous lighting icon right on the center of the contact panel, which is exactly where the power comes from. Beneath the logo are the coils, a key component for wireless electricity transmission. Around the logo is a gray rubber ring, which provides a skid-resistant surface for the device and makes sure it is placed stably while being charged. The metal button below the product is the power switch. The dotted lights around could indicate the power connection status as well as the charging status. When plugged in, there will be a blue light blinking; when the wireless charging is successful, there will be a green light blinking accompanying with a ‘beep’ sound.

The bottom side of this product is thoughtfully designed just like its top side. The latticed texture never goes out of style. The four gray skid-resistant rubber pads at the corners reflects the devotion of manufacturer to details.

A universal USB cable will be sufficient for both input and output. This product is with a shape as small as the mobile phone, which is very convenient to carry with.

Compatibility & Freedom

Mobile phones of different brands will come with different chargers and charging ports. LuguLake wireless charger provides different wireless charging receiving modules for mainstream brands like iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and so on. Therefore, the mobile phones of different brands can be charged wirelessly on this product, even when there is a 5mm gap between the contact panel and the device. Believe or not, USB charging cable will be a reminiscent product in the future.

Unlike other chargers or wireless charging products on the market, LuguLake pays more attention to the practicability and user experience. For instance, LuguLake is equipped with 6000mAh lithium polymer battery, which makes it more than just a wireless charger but also a portable battery. Therefore, LuguLake could power the devices both indoor and outdoor.

Safety & High Conversion

LuguLake wireless charger boasts of a precise and rigorous circuit design and adopts the latest QI technical solution. The maximum input current is 5V and 1.5A. The high-duty boost chip technology could protect the charger while quick charging. The LuguLake also push the battery cells protection technology to a new limit---7 protections: overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, overpower protection, temperature protection and short circuit protection.

In term of power transmission, the conversion ratio between LuguLake wireless charger and mobile phone reaches 70%, much higher than competing products on the market. The charging time is totally up to the users. From the moment they use LuguLake wireless charger, they do not have to plan the charging time, all they have to do are simple put-downing and picking-up.

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