Lucky Shinu Launches a Blockchain-Based Gaming Project

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Users can see live raffles on its Fortuverse.

The Lucky Shinu team is excited to announce the launch of its blockchain-based gaming project. The project will hold contests for users with prizes such as gadgets, money, cars, NFTs, and vacations.

There will be entry tickets with its token coin: $LUSHI. The tokens will subsequently be burned, making $LUSHI a deflationary token. The amount of burned tokens will depend on the number of entry tickets bought using the token.

The team explained further that the Lucky Shinu project isn’t all about gaming only. It said: “Besides being a gaming project, Lucky Shinu sees the future in becoming a multi-chain decentralized exchange called SoleaSwap.”

In addition to the project’s SoleaSwap, users should look forward to its wallet, the Fortuna Wallet. Users can acquire entry tickets with ease through the Fortuna Wallet.

The team also has plans to implement Metaverse in its project. Users can see live raffles on its Fortuverse.

Token Allocation

Name: Lucky Shinu.

Ticker: $LUSHI.

Network: Ethereum Mainnet (ERC-20).

Taxes: 12% (buy or sell).

Private presale: 50ETH.

Vesting: 10% on launch, 22.5% every three weeks.

Staking: 5%.

Initial burn: 25%.

Milestone burns: To be decided by the team and community.

Raffle burns: All entry tickets must be bought with $LUSHI. 2% of it will go to DAO fund while the rest will be burned.

To ensure that big token dumps are avoided, the team has put some special rules in place for its private investors to adhere strictly to or risk getting their wallets blacklisted.

Lucky Shinu Ecosystem

The Lucky Shinu Ecosystem comprises various utilities that are designed to make Lucky Shinu the biggest ecosystem in the cryptocurrency industry.

To achieve its goals, the team incorporated these into the Ecosystem:

1. Shinu Charity

The Lucky Shinu team recognizes the needy ones in society and is set out to put smiles on their faces. It will donate 1% of lottery funds to families, charity organizations, and individuals who need financial assistance. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization community members will have the unique privilege of voting on whom to donate to.

2. SoleaSwap

To complement its multi-chain wallet, the team will make its SoleaSwap a cross-chain platform as well. Users can buy a token on the swap and move their tokens around their chains, various networks, and so on.

3. Fortuna Wallet

Fortuna Wallet is the project’s main wallet. The multi-chain wallet is made for the cryptocurrency audience. Equipped with a user-friendly interface, users won’t have issues buying tickets for lotteries and raffles.

Compatible with leading Mainnets, the team can use it to launch its $LUSHI token on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon in the future.

The wallet will first be launched on the oldest and most reliable chain, Ethereum Mainnet, to ensure investors’ safety.

4. Shinu NFTs

For users that are passionate about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the team has prepared a collection of the finest pieces of art that is available in the NFTs raffle draws.

Among other things, users can win Doodle, Bored Ape, Cryptopunk, and a piece of land in Sandbox.

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Contact Info:
Name: Luka
Email: Send Email
Organization: Lucky Shinu
Address: Zagreb 10 000 Croatia

Release ID: 89063503

Name: Luka
Email: Send Email
Organization: Lucky Shinu
Address: Zagreb 10 000 Croatia