Lucky Horseshoe Website Launched Online With A Good Luck Guarantee

Lucky Horseshoe products website offers attractive options for gift giving. Almost any occasion is suitable for wishing the recipient a lifetime of good luck.

Lucky Horseshoe website offers a selection of lucky horseshoes which are guaranteed to bring good luck, according to the owners. The gift package, which includes a horseshoe, horseshoe nails, a display stand, gift card, booklet and Certificate of Good Luck, is suitable for gift-giving on many occasions. The horseshoes are engraved with lettering in the style of the purchaser. There is choice in the colours and designs of the product.

The web shop sells only one product: Good Luck Horseshoes. This concentration means that the products are always of the highest quality. The shop focuses on one product, but there are always new designs and additions to the collection. Designers want to make each horseshoe more special to give, or to receive.

The belief in horseshoes as a symbol of good luck is, at least, one thousand years old. The company has been operational since 1999 and the products are sent around the world. Good Luckhorseshoes has a goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction. Whether the lucky horseshoes are intended to be a wedding gift, thank you, house-warming award or new baby gift, there is a choice of colour and size available.

According to a spokesperson for Good Luckhorseshoes, “We are convinced that everyone who receives a horseshoe is blessed with happiness. Therefore, we dare to give a lifetime warranty on all our lucky horseshoes. And, as far as we know, we are the only company in the world that does that”.

The Lucky Horseshoe package includes a warranty card which has a unique personal code. If, after one year, the recipient thinks that the horseshoe has not brought any good luck, the company will prepare a new lucky charm to replace the original. A little patience is required, according to the owners, in order for the good luck to appear.

Contact Info:
Name: Luke Pijfers
Email: Send Email
Organization: Good Luckhorseshoes
Address: Vaartweg 51A, 1211 JE Hilversum, Holland
Phone: +31 (0)35 622 18 64

Release ID: 106510