Lucky Hill Casino Says UK Internet Gambling has a Huge Lead on U.S. Gaming

Lucky Hill Casino, based in the UK, boasts how UK online games are far in the lead of any the U.S. will come up with, even if every state legalizes online gambling.

Lucky Hill Casino, a popular UK online casino, has been servicing online gamblers the world over and has confidence that no matter what the United States has in mind for online gaming, they will never catch up to the UK's lead. The Parliament has much attention on online gambling and is going to be introducing at least fifteen different pieces of legislation in the future. Since UK online games are so popular, thousands upon thousands take part in gambling over the Internet and make a never-ending boom to the field. This is far in advance of where the U.S. sits at present.

For instance, in New Jersey, one of the few U.S. states where online gambling is legal, the talk is of allowing people in the state to place bets online as a way to boost the brick-and-mortar casino income. One casino owner said it is a vision that should help stimulate growth of the land-based casino and impact visitation to the traditional casino. This may or may not be true, but needless to say, this is not a problem in the UK. There is no "stimulating growth" because the online casino scene is already grown up.

The owner of Lucky Hill Casino says, "Online gaming, particularly at Lucky Hill, has proven to be one popular pastime. Those who visit Lucky Hill Casino find a wide variety of games, helpful customer service and high payouts. What else are they going to look for? If anything else, they should tell us and we'll see if we can provide it! Our customers mean everything to us."

On the Eastern Coast of the U.S. the Eastern Gaming Congress is working out new forms of gaming, adding table games to casinos and working towards the future. But despite all good intentions, there are few states on the East Coast who provide legalized online gaming - only New Jersey and Delaware. The other state is Nevada in the Western U.S. UK gaming allows players from around the world to play and these players most definitely arrive.

According to one online report, there are about 119 casinos in England, approximately 15 in Scotland and 5 casinos in Wales. There was no estimate as to how many online casinos were in existence. However, Lucky Hill is one of the most popular online gaming sites and claims many players who come back over and over to take advantage of high bonuses and payouts up to 100k.

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