LTrent Recommends Safer Drivers Course For Provisional License Holders to Reduce Car Crash Risks

LTrent, the leading driving school in NSW, Australia, recommends Safer Drivers Course for provisional license holders to become safe drivers and reduce the chances of car crash risks.

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The main purpose of the Safer Drivers Course is to help young drivers learn and develop safe driving behaviour. It helps them become aware of how they need to handle situations when they are running late to reach somewhere, or when they are driving with their mates.

This program is designed to help learners understand how to manage their speed under different circumstances. They also educate them on vital life saving factors like vehicle gap selection and keeping safe distance. The hazard awareness training is not covered in the regular driving classes. The course could make the difference between life and death for young drivers.

Safer Drivers Course also offers another big advantage for students. They get 20 logbook hours added after completing the 5 hours course.

Each state in Australia has their own laws for the path to get rewarded with the full drivers License. P-Plate drivers will need to put in an average of 120 supervised log hours to get to the next stage. With the completion of the Safer Drivers Course, they get 20 log hours added to their total, which helps them in completing the regulation log hours as needed by the state.

SDC makes it possible for the new drivers to learn driving with low risks and develop the ability to anticipate most of the hazards that could lead to car crashes. It is a 5 hour course which costs $140 (AUD). Meaning drivers will get 1 logbook hour for just $7 (AUD).

The course is divided into 2 modules, where the Module-1 of 3 hours is conducted in an interactive classroom environment. Module-2 will be for the duration of about 2 hours and is conducted on the road.

Module-1 is a group discussion session with about 10-12 attendees. Here they discuss various topics to explore the driving behaviours of each student. Based on individual behaviours, they suggest the strategies that will help them become safe drivers.

Some interesting activities are conducted in this module, and they also play videos to make the session more engaging. They address important safety driving measures like speed management, internal and external influences that affect driving, hazard management, gap and distance selection, and other related topics that will help the drivers stay safe.

Module- 2 is done on roads with 2 learners per session. It is a practical session, where the new drivers get to learn about low risk driving, and averting crashes in various locations across NSW. It helps the drivers in anticipating the possible hazards and preventing them.

Expert instructors from LTrent recommend the Safer Drivers Course to all new drivers, because the skills they learn in the course can help them stay safe down the line. It is an important course that can help prevent the crashes caused by the provisional license holders, due to lack of awareness. 20 log hours will be the added bonus that will take them closer to getting the complete driving license.

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