LT Organics Launches Campaign to Donate Portion of Proceeds to Cancer Charity

Potential benefits of Argan Oil may have advanced far beyond the widely known cosmetic applications, publishes

Argan Oil has been making headlines for quite some time due to its cosmetic rejuvenation benefits; however, recently conducted testing noted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information indicates this substance may also hold potential in the world of cancer treatment. In honor of this discovery, Lizzie Brewis of LT Organics has launched the company's campaign to donate a portion of its Argan Oil product sales to North Carolina based charity, Vs. Cancer Foundation.

Brewis Confirmed, "For a limited time, we have pledged to donate $2.00 from every product we sell to this non-profit organization, which focuses on helping children with various forms of cancer. For decades, we've been answering the question, 'What Does Argan Oil Do For My Hair And Skin?' With this most recent revelation, it seems the healing properties of this all-natural product may reach far beyond the current cosmetic applications."

The aforementioned testing targeted a specific strain of melanoma cells and determined Argan Oil exhibited results comparable to a melanogenesis inhibitor widely known among the medical field. The substance's electron donating capability is believed to be at least partially responsible for its melanoma repressing effects, meaning Argan Oil has the ability to fight free radicals known to contribute to cancer growth. Though research into fighting cancer via Argan Oil is currently in its embryonic stages, these findings can certainly be considered a step forward.

Argan Oil initially became popular due to its skin and hair improvement attributes. When used topically, the oil in its purest form helps stimulate collagen and elastin production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles; at the same time, it can smooth damaged hair and produce sheen without leaving behind an oily residue. The ingredients in Argan Oil have also been found to promote the growth of healthy skin cells to reduce the appearance of surgical scars and stretch marks.

By moisturizing the skin and providing a protective barrier against the elements, Argan Oil also helps alleviate the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Despite being an oil, it also displays a unique sebum production regulating property to fight oily skin and neutralize acne breakouts. The oil has been said to offer a number of health benefits when used in recipes as well, which can also be partially attributed to its ability to fight free radicals.

Concluded Brewis, "Our products containing raw Argan Oil have become a staple in our customers' cosmetic regimens. We've long been addressing the question of What Can Argan Oil Shampoo Do For Your Hair? Based on the new direction research is taking, we're now looking toward what applications Argan Oil could have in the treatment of cancer. Our company is anxiously anticipating further news in these regards."

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