LT Organics Expands Generous, Popular Vs. Cancer Foundation Donation Program

Company doubles its per-purchase contribution to highly effective childhood cancer non-profit, thanks customers for making program so successful, LT Organics reports

LT Organics, the premier source for organic, 100% Moroccan argan oil, announced an expansion of the company's highly successful charitable giving program. For a limited time, LT Organics will double the company's usual contribution under the program to the Vs. Cancer Foundation, a leading childhood cancer research and medical charity. The efforts of the Vs. Cancer Foundation directly impact over 40,000 children with cancer every year, and LT Organics will now donate $2 to the Foundation for every argan oil product purchased from the company.

"Our Vs. Cancer Foundation donation program has been a tremendous success," LT Organics representative Lizzie Brewis said, "We're excited to announce that we will now be donating twice as much as before for every purchase made from our online store. Together with our generous, wonderful customers, we are going to help make a difference in the lives of even more children who must grapple with cancer."

A product of the argan tree, which is native solely to Morocco, argan oil has been used in that country for a wide range of purposes throughout recorded history. Because of the especially appealing blend of fatty compounds and other nutrients the oil contains, it has become increasingly popular outside of Morocco in recent years, as well.

LT Organics is the leading supplier of top-quality, cold-pressed, certified organic, 100% pure argan oil. The company takes great pains to secure and ship supplies of the freshest, highest quality argan oil available everywhere, never adulterating the natural substance with additives like fragrances or extenders.

Customers of LT Organics find that the company's product can be used for a wide range of cosmetic needs. A variety of informative articles at the LT Organics site answer the common question "What Does Argan Oil Do For My Hair And Skin?", with an impressive list of benefits providing many reasons for the product's popularity.

To begin with, LT Organics argan oil is one of the richest and most effective skin moisturizers and anti-aging products available. The blend of natural fatty acids that make up the oil contains everything human skin needs to repair itself and become more resilient, looking more youthful and attractive with every application. The oil also naturally restores the sebum balance of the skin, meaning that is just as helpful on areas of the skin that are prone to oiliness as those that tend toward dryness. Many find that argan oil can even offer relief from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

LT Organics argan oil is just as effective at restoring and enhancing hair. When used as a conditioner or styling agent, the oil strengthens hair and leaves it silkier and more lustrous. Argan oil for black hair is equally powerful, combating common problems like frizziness and brittleness with its natural blend of nourishing fatty compounds, vitamin E, and other helpful nutrients.

Customers at the LT Organics store, then, can now enjoy the many striking benefits of argan oil while also providing even more support than previously to the Vs. Cancer Foundation, thanks to the enhanced LT Organics donation program. From now until further notice, every purchase of an argan oil product from LT Organics will result in a $2 donation to the charity.

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