Low T Medical Practice Mantality Opens St. Louis and Omaha Clinics

New clinics will expand access to convenient, affordable diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone by Board Certified physicians, Mantality reports.

Mantality has opened two new clinics to help expand access to the medical practice's low testosterone diagnosis and treatment options for men. The first new Mantality clinic takes the place of what was formerly known as Low T St. Louis at 124 Chesterfield Business Parkway in Chesterfield. The second new Mantality clinic has opened in the space formerly occupied by the Midwest Men's Clinic at 11704 W Center Rd, suite 103A, in Omaha, Nebraska. As with other Mantality locations, patients at the new clinics can have their levels of free testosterone tested and diagnosed by licensed doctors, after which any indicated hormone optimization treatment can be conveniently drop-shipped as needed. Men who suspect insufficient levels of testosterone might be an issue can learn more about the symptoms of low testosterone at the Mantality website.

"We're happy to announce that we've opened two new clinics as part of our mission of making sure that no man suffers unnecessarily from the effects of excessively low testosterone," said Mantality representative Dave Jansen, "Conveniently located and well equipped for the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone, these new clinics are going to be of great value to men throughout the St. Louis and Omaha areas. We're committed to maintaining the same level of service and treatment that has made Mantality so successful with our other locations. We encourage all men who wonder about their testosterone levels to stop by our website to learn more."

Testosterone is widely known as the characteristically male sex hormone, even if the bodies of both men and women produce it naturally. In fact, men's bodies tend to produce ten times or more what the average woman's might in a given day, with testosterone contributing in men to everything from muscle development and energy levels to libido, restful sleep, and mental concentration.

As a man ages, testosterone production naturally declines, and some younger men suffer from levels of free testosterone so low that they are considered clinically significant. In either case, a careful diagnosis by a qualified doctor and subsequent treatment can help men avoid the symptoms that often accompany the condition popularly known as "low T." Whether the problem manifests as fatigue, sleep problems, weight gain around the abdomen, loss of libido and degraded sexual performance, atrophying musculature, or reduced energy levels, alleviating these symptoms can result in greatly improved quality of life.

With a singular focus on this real, often damaging problem, Mantality offers relief to men who might otherwise suffer in silence. Men as young as 30 and of over seventy years in age regularly experience significant improvements after being diagnosed and treated by Board Certified Mantality doctors, with many insurance providers paying for the services. The convenient, affordable Mantality model also ensures that no unnecessary trouble or expense will be incurred, with treatment supplies being delivered directly to patients, when indicated, so they can administer them in safe, comfortable environments.

As new Mantality locations now open in St. Louis and Omaha, access to this proven source of relief from the problems associated with low testosterone becomes even more widespread. Visitors to the Mantality website can book an appointment at any of the company's clinics, read more about low testosterone and the commonly associated symptoms, and download a free e-book that covers the subject in depth. The Mantality locations at 4173 Crescent Dr, St. Louis, MO 63129; 5600 Mexico Rd, St Peters, MO 63376; and 5901 Westown Pkwy #230, West Des Moines, IA 50266 remain open as before.

About Mantality:
With Board Certified physicians providing diagnosis and treatment, Mantality helps men overcome the problems associated with excessively low testosterone in safe, convenient, affordable ways.

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