Love My Pets GPS Showcases Products Designed To Keep Animals Safe At All Times

Love My Pets GPS showcases reflective dog leashes and dog collars that glow in the dark and don't require batteries.

According to the American Humane Society, five million animals enter shelters each year. Of these animals, only two percent of cats and 15 percent of dogs return to their owners. "Pet owners concerned about losing their beloved companion need to take steps to ensure their safety. Safety dog collars give owners the ability to proactively locate their dog before the animal ends up in a shelter waiting to be claimed," Mary Ann McNutt of Love My Pets GPS LLC declares.

Car accidents account for another one million injuries or deaths to dogs each year and these accidents can often be prevented with reflective dog collars and reflective dog leashes. "Having a leash or collar which can easily be seen in the dark benefits not only the dog, but the owner who may be walking him or her at night," Ms. McNutt continues.

A reflective glow in the dark pet safety collar helps others see animals at night or during adverse weather conditions. Available in red and black, these collars come in a wide range of sizes to fit every breed of dog. "Owners love the fact that the collar requires no batteries or charging and glows for a minimum of twelve hours. These features make keeping an animal safe easy," Ms. McNutt points out.

The Lovemypets Leash works in conjunction with the pet safety collar. This five foot polyester webbed leash features a bonded reflective strip which is water-resistant. As the glow-in-the dark strip must be re-energized regularly, Love My Pets GPS LLC recommends hanging the leash where it receives regular exposure to daylight. "The leash increases the visibility of the pet and owner when walking at night and helps to prevent accidents," Ms. McNutt declares.

American Humane Society statistics show there are around 78.2 million dogs in the United States with owners. Each and every dog is at risk of an accident or injury while out walking with an owner, exploring on his or her own or during a natural disaster. The pet owner remains responsible for ensuring the safety of his or her pet at all times. "Love My Pets GPS LLC helps pet owners do exactly this by offering a line of products designed to keep pets safe," Ms. McNutt states.

About Love My Pets GPS LLC:
Love My Pets GPS LLC offers a line of products designed to keep animals safe from harm. Animals are curious by nature and tend to wander off. In addition, during a natural disaster, an animal may be separated from his or her family. The Love My Pets GPS pet safety collar alerts owners to their pet's location and allows the owner to track the pet using GPS technology and an online service. The collars come equipped with reflective elements to enhance the pet's safety after dark. To further protect pets, Love My Pets GPS LLC also offers a safety leash and safety harness.

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