Love Melanotan Launches Melanotan 2 To Make Ultimate Tanning Solution Available To All

Love Melanotan has created a second iteration of its best-selling Melanotan product in order to give people the ultimate even tan they’ve always wanted.

People spend so much time in offices these days that they forget they were built to be outdoors. As a result, almost all individuals find themselves lacking in melatonin, which helps the skin turn an even golden brown when exposed to the sun instead of an angry red. Supplies of melatonin are especially hard to develop in winter when the sun retreats. That’s why Love Melanotan has increased its resources on research and created Melanotan 2, the purest and most powerful peptide to stimulate melatonin production.

Melanotan is a best-selling product that contains melanotropin peptide, which performs the same function as natural hormones in stimulating production of melatonin. This enables people with low Fitzpatrick scores, that is, those who burn easily and never tan, to naturally achieve the perfect golden brown by increasing their natural melatonin levels.

The new Melanotan 2 Tanning Enhancer is a smaller and more potent peptide than melanotan 1. The new formula targets more melanocortin receptors to increase stimulation, while adding a protective ring of amino acids to encourage better absorption by the body.

The result is the most stunning, even and deep tan ever with just a few short sessions on a sunbed. The product is available to purchase now, together with all relevant resources to ensure success.

A spokesperson for Love Melanotan explained, “This new product is a game changer. It requires less UV exposure than before, lasts longer than before and has greater flexibility in how it can be used. The result is the best tanning product available on the market today, which helps people avoid the damage effects of sun exposure while still getting a beautiful golden glow, even in winter. Our site has a video tutorial as well as an FAQ to ensure all questions are answered before purchase, and the new product is already attracting some of our most exciting reviews ever.”

About Love Melanotan: Love Melanotan is an online store providing peptides that help people naturally increase their melatonin levels and create beautiful bronze tans evenly across their whole body. The company has just released Melanotan 2, their most pure and most powerful peptide ever, available for commercial purchase through the website.

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