Lou Di Giorgio's 8x10" Polaroid's Ethnic Collection now available in NFTs

Leading photographer and cinematographer Lou Di Giorgio announces the availability of his Polaroid's Ethnic Collection in NFT, a groundbreaking technology that lets artists like him sell their digital creations.

Film director, cinematographer, cameraman and photographer Lou Di Giorgio continues to make waves globally after his Polaroid Ethnic Collection becomes available in non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

An NFT is a collectible digital asset that holds value as a type of cryptocurrency and as a type of art or culture.

Lou said he has decided to allow the public to buy the images he shot in the new NFT digital format to preserve the uniqueness of the photos. Lou had captured those images some three decades ago with a large format wood camera equipped with Polaroid 809 films in the size of 8x10 inches (20x25 cm).

Lou said the beauty of Polaroids images was the only way to photograph the human being by preserving their unique personality, tradition, and pride since Polaroids are similar to a painting – unique with real colors and no grains. Lou says the chemical process to create them is totally different from traditional films.

While it was technically challenging and even virtually impossible to achieve, Lou took about two years to figure out the best technique to realise incredible photos without loss in colors quality.

Since Polaroids are unique, NFTs offer the same concept. Lou has limited the NFT of the Polaroids to a single edition, which the public can buy through Ethereum Cryptocurrency.

At the moment, there are only a few images available in NFT. Still, over the following years, Lou Di Giorgio aims to publish the entire Polaroid Ethnic collection, which has 51 images. The shots were done between 1988 and 1992 across five continents.

Currently, Lou is busy with video and film shooting in the Iberian peninsula and the Canary Islands as a film director or cinematographer.

Recently he directed a short movie entitled "Locked Love," which is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among his new projects include shooting his first feature film, "Kristel," as he bats for support from giant companies Netflix or Amazon.

As a photographer, he shoots fashion and swimwear in medium format. However, Lou looks at starting again using his old 8x10" wood camera with the new Polaroid film reportedly available again soon by the reborn Polaroid brand and its 8x10" factory in the Netherlands.

Those who want to learn more about Lou Di Giorgio, including his filming and photography, may visit his website for more information.

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