Los Angeles SEO Company Offers Expert SEO Services

SEO Trust announced the availability of their new Expert SEO Services beginning immediately. More information can be found at https://seotrust.us.

Businesses throughout Southern California looking for Expert SEO Services are now able to access those services at the leading Los Angeles SEO company, SEO Trust. Today Dr. David Thornton, CEO at SEO Trust releases details of their Expert SEO Services.

The Expert SEO Services are designed to appeal specifically to businesses that are looking to increase their user engagement and includes:

Specialized search engine optimization of all online properties – This feature was included because every website needs to be optimized according to Google's long list of requirements to rank at the top of their search engine but only a few SEO companies have mastered true search engine optimization. This is great news for the consumer as an optimized website would not only rank higher in the major search engines, it would be mobile responsive, ensuring customers could read and navigate the website from every mobile device.

Professional video marketing – This was made part of the service, because research shows that more people are using YouTube to research all types of services and products before making their purchase. Therefore, every business needs to create a video marketing campaign to stay competitive and rank at the top of YouTube. Businesses who currently contract with SEO Trust have benefitted greatly from this feature and have significantly increased user engagement no matter the industry as video marketing remains less competitive but has proven to be the most responsive. Therefore a proactive business has the immediate opportunity to garner a large portion of their niche market by the professional and creative use of videos online.

SEO Trust is one of the few national SEO companies that create custom mobile apps for their clients – SEO Trust made sure to include mobile app development in their Expert SEO Service's development as mobile phones are the device of choice when consumers search for products online. Therefore, it is no longer sufficient to simply have a mobile responsive website to remain competitive. Those businesses with custom mobile apps are now able to push messages directly to their customers' phones, making communication immediate and even geography specific. The end result is more than just targeted traffic from custom mobile apps, as each SEO Trust client corners their niche market in the major search engines, social media platforms, and online video sharing sites.

Dr. David Thornton, when asked about the Expert SEO Service said:

"As generic SEO agencies and digital marketing companies are becoming just as commonplace as the local Starbucks in every community, SEO Trust is the only national digital marketing agency that provides affordable SEO services proven to increase customer engagement, brand awareness, and sales with a money back guarantee. As the best Pasadena SEO company that specializes in local SEO services, SEO Trust is also recognized as the Los Angeles SEO Expert and the leading Orange County SEO Agency. True, we garner most of our clients from Southern California, however we provide the exact same professional SEO services to our clients in the UK as we do our clients in Los Angeles."

This is the latest offering from SEO Trust and Dr. David Thornton is particularly excited about these services since the end result of a company’s modest investment in expert SEO services and professional social media marketing are often the catalyst for major financial success, no matter the company’s industry or market niche.


Those interested in learning more about SEO Trust and their Expert SEO Services can do so on their website at https://seotrust.us

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SEO Trust is the only Expert SEO Agency that Provides Professional Digital Marketing Services Proven to Increase Customer Engagement, Brand Awareness, and Online Sales with an Ironclad Money Back Guarantee.


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