Long Island Private School Announces Breakthrough Brain Works Program

Sappo School a Private School in Long Island introduced a one of a kind educative holism personalized education program. There Brain Works Program works with all grades Elementry School, Middle School and High School.

All children have different interests, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Traditional teaching methods that do not take into account these differences can result in frustration for parents, children, and educators. This is one of the problems that Sappo School, a nonreligious private school founded in 1994 in Long Island, N.Y., addresses with its unique and personalized learning infrastructure.

“One Size Does Not Fit All” is a motto that is taken seriously by the school, which understands the differences in children’s learning styles. Instead of creating just one plan designed for all students, Sappo School uses its own unique teaching methodology to not just educate children, but to prepare them for college, a career and adulthood.

This methodology is based on unnamed humanistic and philosophical approaches. The school created its own name for their Brain Works process: Educative Holism. The acronym SHAPE, which stands for Sappo’s Holistic Approach for Procedures in Education, is used for every student that walks through its doors. This method considers learning style, personality type, emotional factors, social function and additional factors to create a personalized learning plan for every student to increase the student’s chances for success.

Sappo School is not designed for just one type of student. The innovative and unique methodology is appropriate for a variety of students, including gifted students who struggle with socializing, high IQ students who struggle in particular areas, as well as students who may have difficulty concentrating and who want to learn to become stronger academically and in day to day life activities. Students who learn through the methods utilized by Sappo School can identify their strengths and weaknesses, while being taught how to work around challenges. This allows students to make the most of their strengths. This personalized teaching style helps prepare children for life after school, teaching them necessary skills including socialization, overcoming challenges and obstacles, and using their strengths to reach their full potential.

This Private School in Long Island offers a personalized experience that allows students to thrive in their environment and graduate with a solid foundation for secondary education and life skills. Sappo School is dedicated to the enrichment and success of all of its students.

For more information about Sappo School, please contact (631) 736-2146 or visit http://sapposchool.com.


Sappo School

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Rebecca Gehrkin

Assistant Director


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