London-Based Marketing Agency Bmoozd Introduces Mobile Optimisation-Centered Solutions

UK-based marketing agency Bmoozd has recently opened in London, and is now providing businesses with all-inclusive mobile optimisation services and a new mobile package that includes free hosting and full SEO services for one year.

Having been recently opened in London, United Kingdom, Bmoozd has implement a new marketing style to help businesses reach and engage their targeted audience. The marketing agency is using an approach that gives mobile websites priority, focusing on marketing clients’ websites via Android and iOS devices, including tablets, iPhones and iPads. According to Bmoozd, the mobile industry is increasingly growing at the present moment, which requires businesses to be in trend and properly optimise their websites to be more mobile friendly and efficient.

Bmoozd CEO and director Daryl Lawson declared: “I decided to convince my customers about the importance of mobile websites by making them realise that more than 23 per cent of purchases are now made via mobile devices.” In a recent announcement he has made, Lawson has also stated that only 35 per cent of all business have a mobile website.

Due to the gradual popularity growth mobile industry has suffered over the past few years, Internet trends have changed, and websites have lost the robust appearance they had when accessed from PCs or laptops.
According to Bmoozd, having a fully-optimised website is critical to increasing popularity and brand awareness, and it weighs much when it comes to Google’s complex ranking algorithms. As such, the company has decided to approach mobile optimisation and provide business owners with the opportunity to grow their sales substantially.

The company has conducted several studies and tests on the value of mobile websites, and their most recent one was centered on the daily snapshots of a company’s analytics. The result was clear: no matter where the traffic was coming from, a large proportion of viewing is performed using mobile devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets.
Bmoozd declared: “Having a mobile website is a valuable competitive advantage in a market that is flooded with literally millions of websites, especially for businesses that expect to capture a specific niche.

Soon after launching their new mobile optimisation campaign, the company has realised that a significant percentage of the organisations and companies did not understand the importance of mobile websites for marketing purposes. Many of these companies and organisations have come back to them, saying that the idea was “just another gimmick.”

When asked about this, Bmoozd replied: “Thinking that mobile marketing is a gimmick, is actually thinking about your ultimate failure online. It is enough to look at major websites like Amazon and eBay to understand that the time to have a fully-optimised mobile website has finally arrived.”
The marketing agency has stated that businesses can now opt either for having two individual websites, each optimised for desktops or mobiles, or one website with a responsive design, which can be accessed from all devices.

“Just like the word says, the design is responsive, so the entire look and feel of the website changes according to the device it is accessed from,” says Lawson.
“Customers will get a different interface when accessing a website using their iPhone, as compared to its regular, desktop-based interface. But even so, all features and navigation buttons are still there, with no changes in the infrastructure of the website,” he continues.

“Our philosophy is simple,” states a spokesperson for Bmoozd. “Businesses can either jump on board, or be left out to swim with the sharks. In other words, they either choose to optimise their websites for mobile devices and grow their sales substantially, or they keep their website as is, and face a decrease in their popularity.”

Bmoozd is now providing clients free web hosting for every mobile website they build, as well as other marketing services including social media marketing and video campaigns.

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