L’olfactif Runs Campaign For Ethical Fragrance Line On Indiegogo

Fragrance Company Partners With Funded Today To Increase Number Of Pledges

Fragrance company L’olfactif is running a campaign for their latest product line on Indiegogo. They have partnered with Funded Today to bring their campaign to a wider audience and increase their number of pledges.

About L’olfactif

L’olfactif’s new line of ethical fragrances have been developed with a social mission in mind. For every bottle of fragrance that a backer pledges in the campaign, L’olfactif will donate ten bags of toilet deodorant to developing countries around the world. These deodorants help mask and eliminate unpleasant odor from bathrooms. Additionally, a portion of L’olfactif’s profits will be used to help educate visually impaired students. The actual fragrances are formulated for both men and women. Each bottle of fragrance is crafted from cruelty-free ingredients that are carefully sourced from European farms.

Pricing and Availability

L’olfactif is available to back now on Indiegogo. L’olfactif has partnered with Funded Today to attract more backers to their campaign and increase their amount of pledges. Once the campaign ends, L’olfactif is set to be shipped to backers beginning November 2017. The minimum pledge to receive a single bottle of L’olfactif fragrance is $27.

To learn more about L’olfactif or to view their campaign, please visit their campaign page here:

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