Lohner Plastic Surgery Announces Advances in Cosmetic Procedures

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Ever-improving methods for surgical and non-surgical procedures offer better and safer results than previously possible, publishes LohnerPlasticSurgery.com.

When a clinic features a plastic surgeon in Philadelphia, most people will think of it as offering only a few types of procedures. Nose jobs, breast implants, and tummy tucks are usually what comes to mind when plastic surgery is mentioned. To combat this limited view, Lohner Plastic Surgery has released information about all of the other cosmetic procedures that it does.

"Some of the most exciting cosmetic body procedures either don't involve surgery or only include a minimal amount of it," said
Dr. Ronald A. Lohner of Lohner Plastic Surgery. "Botox injections are hugely popular for relaxing wrinkles and taking years off of a person's appearance. Another injection-based treatment is the implantation of dermal fillers. These eliminate sagging skin by filling up the extra space. Facial peels also are non-surgical. They're good for getting rid of acne scarring and other skin problems that can't be surgically removed."

Even though non-surgical options can produce stunning results, these results are usually far less permanent than those obtained with surgery. In many cases, surgery is also the only way to gain the desired effect. Breast augmentation is a good example of something that can only be properly done in a surgical way. A breast augmentation surgeon in Philadelphia inserts implants into each breast. The silicone or saline solution in the implants can't be absorbed into the body because it's inside of a sealed package, but this package also makes it so that simple injections can't be used to do the job.

"Many surgical procedures cover the well-known body areas like the nose, eyes, entire face, or breasts. However, almost any part of the body can be sculpted to be more appealing. Body contouring can target popular spots like the tummy or buttocks, but it can also go much further," said Dr. Lohner. Our Mommy Makeover, for example, addresses the expanded waistline and sagging breasts that often accompany motherhood. By looking at the body as a whole, we can create an appearance that seems both natural and youthful."

Liposuction is another type of procedure that has seen advancements in recent years. Now, instead of sucking unwanted fat out of targeted areas through plain brute force, ultrasonic fat dissolution has been added to the process. This allows surgeons to make a small incision and insert an ultrasound device to dissolve fat. Once dissolved, the fat can be sucked out without disturbing nerves or blood vessels. Such advancements in this and other procedures make surgical cosmetic procedures much easier on the body than they once were.

About Lohner Plastic Surgery

Lohner Plastic Surgery is headed by Dr. Ronald A. Lohner, MD, FACS, who was named Chief of Plastic Surgery at Bryn Mawr Hospital in 2005. Dr. Lohner is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of numerous surgical societies including The American Society of Plastic Surgery, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the Robert H. Ivy Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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