Lodestone Consulting Services Launches Two Unique New Guides to Facebook Advertising

New guides provide everything needed to make the most of an important, potentially rewarding advertising opportunity, help readers avoid common pitfalls, Lodestone Consulting Services reports

Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC, published a pair of unique new guides to advertising on the Facebook online social networking service. Taken together, the two guides provide a helpful, comprehensive introduction to the subject that aims at helping business owners and decision-makers realize the potential to be found in Facebook advertising. The first guide takes readers through a step-by-step analysis of whether and in which ways Facebook advertising is likely to benefit a given business, while the second guide conveys five powerful, proven tips for making the most of facebook ads. Lodestone Consulting Services is a leading digital marketing consultancy, with a special focus on helping technology companies improve their lead generation, conversion rates, and sales.

"Whatever your business or situation, Facebook advertisements likely have a lot to offer," Lodestone Consulting Services founder Lara Fabans said, "Our new guides detail just how to make the most of them, laying down the basics in ways that every reader can make use of. While Facebook ads can be highly rewarding, making the best use of them requires a good plan, and our new guides show how to build one from the ground up."

Working in a variety of technical roles at a number of leading Silicon Valley firms for over 20 years, Fabans developed a deep feeling for that side of industry, an asset that was supplemented in valuable ways through a career switch to marketing. This rare mixture of experience endowed Fabans with the ability to communicate with and relate to people of all levels and specializations in technology companies, from C-suite executives and the managers that report to them to marketers and highly technical engineers in the trenches.

Lodestone Consulting Services was founded to deliver best-in-class marketing services that leverage this comprehensive understanding of the needs and goals typical of technology companies. Fabans and other Lodestone Consulting Services employees work closely with high tech marketers to deliver the kinds of end results that their clients and companies are invariably looking for, making use of a broad range of services including everything from search engine optimization and competitive analysis to pay-per-click campaign building and website optimization.

The company's newly published guides reflect this pragmatic, highly informed approach to digital marketing. The guides explain the significance of Facebook advertising, particularly insofar as it is often a less-expensive and potentially more cost-effective alternative to Google AdWords and other options. The guides also detail the importance of creating sound, smart strategies for making use of this kind of advertising, so as not to waste money through ineffective ads or weak landing pages. The two guides are unique in distilling this valuable, high-quality information into such simple, actionable form and are available for free to visitors to the Lodestone Consulting Services website.

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