Locum GP Plymouth Launches Website To Promote Services To Local Community

Locum GP Dr. Bradley Tomkins has launched a personal website to enable the local community to find out more about his credentials and history, to feel more at ease with their general practice care.

General Practitioners are the first point of contact for the NHS, and face a daily challenge to identify and treat the common problems and ailments individuals may be developing, as well as being responsible for the early identification of more serious conditions. GPs play a vital role, and despite their years of training and preparation, many patients know relatively little about them as people. Locum Doctor Bradley Tomkins is looking to change that, with a new website dedicated to sharing his personal information, work history and more with patients and doctors alike in the Plymouth region.

The website is simple, clear and straightforward, with a high quality image of Dr. Tomkins up front before diving straight into the details of his life and career, including the kind of training he has received, his previous experience and his current availability, together with his credentials, including his status as a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

The information is not only informative but interesting, with details on his time serving as an officer in the Royal Navy and his family life. The website offers a point of contact for NHS services throughout Plymouth to contact him to have him work at their practice whether they require short term cover or a long term resident doctor.

A spokesperson for Locum GP Plymouth explained, “Locum GP Dr. Bradley Tomkins has created this website to ensure patients and fellow professionals alike can find all the information they need on his work, experience and availability. He is currently available for opportunities within NHS and private practices and eager to continue helping those in need receive the highest quality of care. With a personable approach, expert knowledge and years of experience, he will make an ideal addition to any practice in or around the Locum and Plymouth areas.”

About Locum GP Plymouth: Locum GP Plymouth is a biographical website offering information on local Locum GP Dr. Bradley Tomkins. The website has been designed to offer clean and clear insights into Dr. Tomkins’ life, career and practice and enable people to get in touch to arrange and appointment easily online.

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