Local Swimming Pool Store Celebrates 30th Birthday

A local swimming pool store in Perth has recently celebrated three decades of success in the industry.

There are many benefits to living in Perth, but one of the biggest is the weather. It's primarily sunny most of the year, which is why many Perth residents have their own swimming pools. Over the years, there's been one company that's always managed to help residents with all the pool questions and queries: Southside Pools.

Established 30 years ago this year, Southside Pools has recently celebrated its birthday, notching up three decades in the swimming pool industry. It's a mightily impressive achievement for a local company, proving that shopping close to home is often the best choice.

A business that's developed with the city
As the largest city in WA, Perth has undergone some serious developments over the last thirty years. The population has grown, there are far more homes than there once was, and the number of commercial developments is rising year after year. It's a completely different landscape from the one that existed when Southside Pools first opened its doors.

Since that first day, the company has grown and developed with its city. Southside Pools still provides the specialist and honest consultation that it did on day one, but with the addition of modern technologies to keep residents happy. The owner of Southside - Peter Schmidt - has poured his heart and soul into the company, constantly developing relationships with the latest and greatest swimming pool manufacturers. As a result, he's able to keep his business stocked with the very latest pool products to provide the best solution for a customer's budget and requirements.

Undergoing growth and expansion
The story of Southside Pools is an inspirational one, with one man taking this small business and growing it into something special. Nowadays, the company has two stores in Perth - one in Canning Vale, and one in Southside. Both stores stock the largest range of swimming products on the market, making Peter and his team the go-to for all things swimming pools in Perth.

Stepping into the future
30 years ago, Southside Pools dealt with very different pool technology from what it uses today. Pool cleaning was largely manual, and the company has had to adapt and step into the future of robotic cleaners and automation. They further specialise in automation to help pool owners upgrade their systems, providing technology that lets them run everything through a mobile phone.

To this day, Pete still works in the stores daily, offering his expert consultation and knowledge to help pool owners keep up with the latest trends. His business is a key part of the Perth community, and he hopes it will still be celebrating birthdays in another 30 years.

About Southside Pools
Southside Pools was established in 1991 and the team has over 60 years of combined experience in the pool and spa industry. Southside can solve any pool or spa problem a customer may encounter, providing replacement parts and upgrades for pools from all the major brands.

For more information, view the website here: https://southsidepool.com.au/.

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