Local Search Solutions Reveals Why Location-Specific Search is Booming

Local search engine optimization draws qualified inquiries while filtering out those from people outside of companies' service areas, reports Local Search Solutions

Search marketing has long been thought of as a tool for companies that want to sell items nationwide, but lately, local businesses like plumbers and roofers have found that digital marketing is very important for their success as well. This is because many people look to the Internet to find service providers and stores of all sorts, and to this group, a company that isn't online might as well not even exist.

"Because of the extreme importance of the Internet for local businesses, local search engine optimization [SEO] has really taken off," said J. Andrew Keeler of Local Search Solutions, a digital marketing company. "Local SEO focuses on getting local service providers to appear under keywords relevant to their service areas, and rank highly enough to be seen by searchers. It also helps to ensure that companies get calls from people who are close enough to be served instead of ones from across the country."

As some have found out, ranking highly in the search engines is only good if the company is showing under keywords that draw the right kind of traffic. A number one ranking under "plumbers" will bring calls from all over the country and perhaps beyond, but the plumber will only be able to deal with customers within his actual service area. Therefore, locally-based service companies are better off ranking for city-specific terms that will filter out unqualified traffic.

While the idea of local SEO is excellent, it can take time to attain good organic search rankings. Therefore, many SEO firms offer a way to bring immediate results while they wait for organic rankings to build.

"PPC campaigns allow companies to advertise in a more traditional fashion," said Keeler. "PPC stands for 'Pay Per Click,' and it allows companies to show ads on search engines and in social media while only paying if someone actually clicks the ad. While the best ROI almost always comes from successful organic search, PPC allows for immediate results. It also isn't subject to nearly as many algorithmic changes from the search engines, so some companies prefer it for its relative stability."

Organic listings are the ones that search engines show without charging for them. Even so, it is often a misnomer to call them "free" listings. Companies typically hire SEO firms in order to attain them, and even if they do everything in-house, they'll find that a substantial investment is sometimes required. The reason people bother working for these listings is simple: A top ranking can bring in hundreds or even thousands of customers. This ensures that no matter what, SEO is an industry that will be in demand as long as search engines exist.

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Local Search Solutions is a digital marketing company specializing in local SEO and PPC campaign management. It works to help location-sensitive businesses get high rankings that will bring in new customers within their service areas. By focusing on local results, it is able to deliver faster results that provide traffic that is useful for service providers.

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