Local Lead Drop Shows Marketers How To Convert Leads Like Clockwork And Turn Them Into Longtime Paying Clients

If you are looking for a way to get high ticket clients and get them coming to you, ready to buy any marketing services you might sell whether it is videos, SEOs, web designs… then Local Lead Drop is the perfect product for you.

Local Lead Drop is a complete training course to getting red hot leads dropping into user’s Inbox. The creators then show their users how to convert those leads like clockwork and turn them into longtime paying clients. Users can also learn how to expand their business quickly by using these systematic referral strategies.

Marketers will discover the exact source that the product’s creators used to get these leads and how they can tap into it. There is no need to wait; marketers can have these leads pouring in within hours.

Local Lead Drop also teaches users how to set themselves up for success from the beginning, even if they are just getting started and do not have a single client yet. Users can learn the “Secret Weapon” that helps them stand out from the crowd instantly. Neil and Robert have been using this method for years to close deals, and it flat out works. Once users have this in their arsenal, closing deals become a breeze.

The product’s vendors allow users to learn how to find the best projects to bid on so that they can give themselves the best chance to close at a high rate. Users can also discover how to avoid the tire kickers, so they need not waste their time or money.

This product lets users learn the simple and effective system that Neil and Robert have used for closing these deals without doing any hard selling. Moreover, marketers are allowed to discover How and When to upsell these prospects into monthly marketing services. Not only will marketers be able to increase revenue but they can also leverage this lead source into a monthly income source.

The course also shows users the 4-step bidding process that can help them win projects over 40% of the time. Only five providers, including them, can bid on a given project so they start out with a 20% chance but this system doubles that. Plus, they have included an exclusive bonus training that breaks down how to offer one of the hottest high-end services out there, Video Advertising.

What will users get with Local Lead Drop?
• Quick Start Guide: Neil and Robert have put together an easy-to-follow tutorial that will help users understand the method quickly.
• Video Training Series: Once users get access to Local Lead Drop, they will be given every step in complete detail using “over the shoulder” training videos.
• Rapid Fire Templates: One of the keys to their system is responding these leads quickly and professionally in a way that stands out from the crowd. These templates make it easy to do just that.
• Mastermind Group: The authors will not just hand their followers the system and send them on their way. By picking up Local Lead Drop today, marketers will also get instant access to their private mastermind group that full of like minded marketers.

Local Lead Drop is designed to be simple and easy for users to follow. The first thing marketers need to do is to sign up as a provider leads start dropping into their box within hours. After that, all they have to do is to bid on the job by using the four steps bidding process. From there, users can apply a simple clothing system that closes at 40% with ease. Not only that but by combining this lead-generating system with the proven referral strategies, marketers will be able to grow their business exponentially.

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