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LL-87 New York Specialist, Carleton Energy Consulting, Publishes Helpful Tips Regarding Local Law 87 in New York City.

New York City, NY 10025 – Carleton Energy Consulting specializing in Local Law 87 auditing, retro-commissioning, consulting, solutions, procurement and boiler management has published a guide for NYC property owners on the implications of Local Law 87.

“As a thriving industrial and commercial community, New York requires a substantial amount of energy to exist. Controlling hazardous greenhouse gases, like those created in New York, is a worthwhile effort made possible by Local Law 87” said Jeff Carleton, President of CEC.

“With the right implementation, the current law can potentially reduce greenhouse gases by as much as 6 percent in many NYC buildings. Compliance is mandatory and particular building structures must undergo regular energy audits for comprehensive analysis of equipment, systems and operations.”

“Building owners also benefit from the audit as it identifies strategies for reducing energy costs and consumption, with proposed solutions identified to reach those goals. In some cases, the energy audit can modify an older building's system to comply with healthy emissions as well as realize significant cost savings.” Here is some helpful information and tips concerning Local Law 87:

The standard Local Law 87 audit covers HVAC, lighting, pipe insulation, hot water, conveying systems, building envelope and electrical systems. Proactive monitoring of a building's energy use is an important step to keeping businesses on track and fiscally healthy.

Who Is Required to Comply With Local Law 87? – Local Law 87 applies to all buildings over 50,000 square feet. In the event there is more than one building on a tax lot property, the minimum square footage is 100,000 square feet. Condominium owners should know that the minimum 100,000 square feet for more than one structure is not confined to a tax lot. Any two buildings that exceed 100,000 square feet on a single ownership property are required to comply.

To avoid an excess of audits, the new law has been designed to allow for compliance in a graduated system. However, even if a property is not mandated to report now, it is still a smart strategy to begin the reporting and analysis process. Compliance positively impacts not only the environment, but also building owners as reduced energy can result in significant cost savings.

Local Law 87 Compliance NYC, LL-87 New York City

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