Local Insites Details Mobile Sites & Google Changes Through Latest Announcement

Local Insites, a Canadian based search engine optimization and marketing firm, has announced that the latest Google's Algorithm Change will deeply impact websites that have yet to go mobile. The information on the changes and what companies can do to avoid penalization can be found in Caroline's blog, which is located on the Local Insites website.

Local Insites is a premiere digital brand agency that specializes in SEO and unparalleled marketing solutions for growing businesses. The team suggests that they cater not only to small businesses, but also to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and large enterprise companies as well. They have said the following regarding the work that they do and how it benefits clientele:

"Local InSites works in collaboration with you to express the essence of your company, your product and your services, in a compelling multi-tiered approach that commands attention and creates a buzz, using strategies and tactics that are working in the real world, today."

Google's Algorithm Change as outlined through Caroline's blog is an example of the up-to-date SEO work that the team is familiar with. They have encouraged potential clients to contact the Local Insites team for a free consultation, which is valued at $1000; this consultation will give further insight into how the team can assist individual companies with this and many other algorithm changes that take place in the future.

The latest blog update explains the dangers of a non-mobile site when the new algorithm takes effect on April 15, 2015. The announcement came from Google back in February, giving website owners and ecommerce business owners a chance to update and improve the mobility of their websites. With so much of the market utilizing mobile phones and tablets for everything from movie times to online banking, this change was a long time coming, or so Local Insites tells us. The company also insists that those who do not format their sites for mobile friendliness will see rankings plummet and sales along with it when the consumer public is suddenly finding competitors ranking in the higher search results.

The Local Insites team takes care of more than just search engine optimization; they also have made it clear that they focus on a variety of other marketing techniques as well. Pay per click, social media management, web design, local media marketing, and digital magazine publishing are all among the top services supplied to current clientele of the company. They have encouraged interested parties to contact the company by filling out an online form for a free consultation; there is also an abundance of information in Caroline's blog, outside of the Google changes, that better explain much of what the Local Insites team does.

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