Local Houston Psychiatrist Launches ADHD Podcast

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HOUSTON (Aug. 29, 2018) – Dr. Dawn Brown, MD, Founder of ADHD Wellness Center, debuted her brand new downloadable podcast, From ADHD to Amaze-Ability™, on iTunes.

The informational, four-part series provides proven strategies, tools and resources to change personal and external perceptions and expectations of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)–opening up a new realm of possibilities for the diagnosed.

“My mission is to bring awareness, provide education and transform lives that have personally or indirectly encountered mental illnesses, to function optimally,” Dr. Dawn said.

Season 1 of From ADHD to Amaze-Ability is a free resource.

“A different way to communicate with yourself and those around you regarding a condition that has been unnecessarily stigmatized. Parents, teachers, doctors and those with the condition take hope from Dr. Dawn Brown’s strategies for home, school and work, said Lori Barr, a reviewer on iTunes.

Founded by Dr. Dawn K. Brown, America’s favorite ADHD Expert, ADHD Wellness Center strives to empower individuals to discover their full potential in life by promoting awareness and education for ADHD management. The center also focuses on providing and advocating for innovative resources towards positive parenting and healthy family relationships while committing to the highest quality of care to our patients in an environment where they feel supported, validated and well informed.

The approach to treatment involves direct and personalized care using a structured academic platform, community integration, and a treatment care plan. This approach can allow for patients to not only deal with ADHD symptoms, but functionally thrive through their individualized care.

Known professionally as The MD with ADHD, Dr. Dawn understands the difficulties of ADHD, and uses her personal and professional experience to administer accurate ADHD evaluations and effective ADHD symptom management. Dr. Dawn uses her experience to empower others with direct and personalized care while inspiring others through public engagement and speaking events.

“I understand the potential impact of ADHD and how it not only affects the individual, but their family as well. Without quality management, ADHD can cause academic & work difficulties, poor self-confidence, and strained relationships. It doesn’t have to,” Dr. Dawn added.

Company Name: ADHD Wellness Center
Contact Name: Dr. Dawn Brown
City: Houston
State: TX
Country: United States
Phone: +1(832)981-2343
Email: brownmd@adhdwellnesscenter.com
Website URL: https://www.adhdwellnesscenter.com/

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