Local Home Builder Encourages New Home Buyers to Start Demanding Quality

Monogram Homes wants everyone to realize that quality, durable custom home designs can be affordable, if people know where to shop.

Even as the housing slump continued, there was one increase in the housing market. That increase was seen in the number of complaints being made by homeowners regarding problems with their new homes. Homeowners were discovering that many of their dream homes were becoming nightmares.

The problem has been a mix of inexperienced builders offering low prices and anxious homeowners who are looking at the final cost rather than the final product. This is why Monogram Homes has been consistently building luxurious, custom homes guaranteed to be as beautiful years down the road as they are the day the new owners pick up their keys. This determination to provide every one of their clients with the home of their dreams is why they are launching this new ad campaign, hoping to encourage all buyers to understand that quality matters.

“We know that people want something affordable,” Monogram Homes owner and spokesman Bob Seaton explained. “But it is also important to provide quality as well. After all, if you are spending thousands of dollars over the years dealing with structural issues or worrying over shoddy electrical work or plumbing, how much has really been saved? It is possible to have your dream home, in both appearance and quality, and still be able to afford it as well.” The company has issued this promise to all of their customers, former, current and future and they have made these promises clear on their website at http://monogramhomes.net/trusted-columbus-ohio-custom-home-builder/ .

They want everyone to realize they are not another company that has suddenly appeared on the scene and is likely to disappear just as suddenly. States Seaton, “I have over 30 years in the home building business. I have always taken my work seriously and listened closely to the wants and needs of my clients. I am determined to not just build homes that make my portfolio look good, but build homes that make the buyers happy as well.” Proof of that happiness, the company insists, can be found by reading through the testimonials left by previous clients. Those testimonials, found at http://monogramhomes.net/testimonials/ is what Seaton and his team promise everyone should expect when working with Monogram Homes.

“We are not like many other companies.” Stressed Seaton. “We do not hand a stack of plans to our clients and tell them to pick one. Our clients work with us to create a unique blueprint that is made specifically according to their needs and wants. This way every single home is unique and special, unlike anything else in their neighborhood. We truly want people to have the home they always imagined, not just one they picked out because it was the most acceptable.”

About Monogram Homes

Monogram Homes is a small, dedicated team that works together to provide every customer with the best home building experience possible. This family-owned and operated business was created over a decade ago by Bob Seaton. Today Seaton, his wife and son and a small team of talented individuals provide home buyers with a personal service that in uncommon in the home buying and building industry.

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