Local Company Launches Inaugural Crowdfunding Brand In North Carolina

The Raleigh-based Blue Sky Services group has rolled out their Crowd Funding platform, opening new doors for eager Investors who want to participate in local revitalization.

Blue Sky Services has established the first Real Estate Crowd Funding platform in North Carolina. By introducing their crowd-funding investment model to the local marketplace, Blue Sky has developed an innovative way to give qualified investors (small and large) access to and the opportunity to invest in large real estate projects that were formerly available only to corporate and institutional investors. Blue Sky Crowd Funding Services takes the art of real estate investment to another level, introducing clarity and accessibility to investors.

With the passage of the Federal JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) in 2012, some of the prior obstacles that existed for investors who sought a mainstay in real estate were eliminated. Pursuant to related legislation adopted in October 2015, this innovative approach is now available to qualified investors through Blue Sky Crowd Funding Services. The new Blue Sky Services platform combines traditional rules 506(b) and 506(c) of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933 with the Title II of the JOBS Act of 2012, allowing qualified investors to invest money with seasoned and experienced sponsor teams in prequalified real estate projects with a simple click of a button.

Informed sources at Blue Sky have indicated that it plans to introduce offerings under Regulation A (Title III of the JOBS Act) later this year after testing out waters with the new platform under traditional Reg D 506(c) offerings. Whereas Reg D Rule 506(c) allows only accredited investors to invest money in projects, Reg A under Title III of the JOBS Act will open up doors and allow non-accredited investors to invest as little as $1.00 into a multi-million dollar real estate development projects. Future plans at Blue Sky also include potential introduction of Regulation A+ offerings under Title IV of the JOBS Act in 3rd and 4th quarters of 2017 which would include multiple projects under a single offering. Reg A+ under Title IV of the JOBS Act allows single, general offerings serving a function of an effective mini-IPO in $50,000,000 increments per offering.

Blue Sky Principal, Nikita Zhitov said, “Vincenzo Verdino has pioneered the research and development of Blue Sky Crowd Funding Services. His hard work and dedication have afforded us the opportunity to be at the forefront in the Crowd Funding community. He navigated this daunting challenge of changes in securities law with the guidance and expertise of our General Counsel, Jonathan W. Anderson of City of Oaks Law. By teaming up with Jonathan and his team and with the support of our Blue Sky Team, Vincenzo has steered this project over the last eighteen months to where we are today.”

“I have been dreaming of this for 30 years,” said Blue Sky Founding Principal Dave Medvetz. “As an investor, being able to invest your money into a real estate deal that, individually you could never afford is a dream realized. Most exciting is the ability to participate in the revitalization of your local community. Instead of investing in Wall Street – invest in Hillsborough Street.”

Established in 1996, the Blue Sky Services group of companies develops distinctive and diversified real estate projects in select North Carolina core markets. Through their commercial construction, commercial brokerage, property tax appeal and crowd funding divisions, Blue Sky offers nearly 50 years of combined experience in the complete spectrum of land services.

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