Local Blitz Marketing Opens New Branch in City Heights

How do you grow your client base in San Diego, when your Encinitas office is too remote? Local Blitz Marketing answered this question for themselves by opening a new location in the heart of City Heights.

Local Blitz Marketing, established in Encinitas in 2009, has now opened a second location in City Heights. The new office, located at 4010 Fairmount Avenue, next to the University Avenue intersection, sits in the heart of the City Heights Business District.

Co-founder Nick Bennett, who manages the new location, says the plan for the expansion started a year ago. Bennett says that the idea was to be more centrally located and to attract young talent by being in the heart of the city.

The new location, part of CH Square Share, allows Local Blitz to rub shoulders with others in the shared office community hub. CH Square Share is a 3,000 square-foot co-working space occupied by local small businesses and freelancers. The modern, open space with high ceilings and cheerful pastel walls opened its doors in June 2017. Local Blitz, one if its first occupants, moved in during the second week of July.

This expansion shows growth in the company, which was started by Simon White in 2009 and merged with Bennett Reputation Management in 2016. Since then, Creative Director Adam Rosati and Content Marketing Manager Crissy Dawson have joined the team.

Rosati has seen major growth in Local Blitz’s client base since he started with the company in June 2016. When he first started, he says, the client list was short, made of mostly small businesses.

Rosati goes on to say that today, not even a year later,  Local Blitz is doing business with more small businesses and they have some larger clients such as real estate companies.

The team works primarily with small businesses because it's part of their mission.

Bennett says that they are a small business, so they know what it's like to be in the trenches watching the P&L at every turn, just like the businesses they serve. Moreover, he states that their clients understand that they know the digital marketing landscape inside and out, and while  they are not the cheapest option, they are no where near the most expensive. This is often attractive to budget conscious small business owners.

Bennett and White project continued growth in the company. The co-founders say the central location is an essential addition, allowing them to better serve and expand their San Diego client network. Local Blitz has clients throughout San Diego County, as well as several in other California cities and across the United States.

Services offered by Local Blitz remain the same: full-service range of custom digital marketing including organic SEO, search advertising, social media advertising, targeted email marketing, content marketing, website optimization and local marketing.

Contact Info:
Name: Nick Bennett
Email: nick@localblitz.com
Phone: 855-585-3020
Organization: Local Blitz Marketing

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