Living Water Aeration Launches Aeration Awareness Campaign to Help Ponds Thrive

Proper aeration products from ensure ponds thrive and remain beautiful

Living Water Aeration is excited to launch a new campaign to spread information and ensure everyone with a pond knows how important having proper aeration truly is. Algae, weeds and other issues arise due to insufficient or improper aeration. The trained and experienced staff at Living Water Aeration can help ensure all ponds work properly and remain in good working order throughout the years.

The new campaign is focused on information and product sales. In addition to providing products, like the Airpro Deluxe Pond Aeration Systems, Living Water Aeration also helps customers find systems that will work for their needs. No longer do customers have to assume or guess what they need. Come in, explain the situation and walk away with the proper products and information – getting great aeration for any pond is as easy as that.

“At Living Water Aeration, we keep a large selection of pond fountains and aeration systems to ensure we have something that fits your unique needs,” stated company representative Daniel Crackower. “If you aren’t sure what style of aerator you need, our professional staff is here to help. You can call or stop by to find an aeration system that fits your unique needs. Our entire team is dedicated to superior customer service and is more than happy to share the knowledge we have acquired about various pond products that are available.”

Aeration isn’t something that can be ignored when planning a pond. Without proper aeration serious issues may arise, causing ponds to be unsightly and unhealthy. The proper aeration systems can be found and purchased with the new campaign launched by Living Water Aeration.

“Aeration isn’t just our business at Living Water Aeration, it’s our passion,” Crackower continued. “There is nothing quite as beautiful to us as a crystal clear lake or peaceful pond with a well-placed fountain adorning the water. Our team is uniquely qualified to help ensure your pond or lake remains healthy, free from algae and other issues that may occur.”

The latest campaign launched by Living Water Aeration is focused on creating healthy ponds throughout the Lafayette area. Regardless of if customers are still choosing from the large selection of pond fountains available or ready to find ways to improve the health of their pond, aeration is essential.


At Living Water Aeration, customers can find all types of pond supplies and features. Since 2004, Living Water has been working to help ensure customers received the pond services they needed. The business is focused on customer satisfaction and dedicated to ensuring all questions are answered thoroughly to get customers what they need for healthy, beautiful ponds.

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