Living Media Ltd. Highlights the Importance of Social Media Marketing

Companies struggling with social media find Living Media to be of great help.

According to Tweet This Stat, fans and followers share more than 3.5 billion pieces of web content on Facebook every week. "Companies wishing to remain competitive need to pay attention to statistics such as this and ensure their digital marketing strategy continues to move forward and encompasses social media marketing for the best results," Stephan Mayer of Living Media Ltd. declares.

Tweet This Stat! also points out that 43 percent of online consumers make use of social media and 53 percent make recommendations concerning companies and/or their products when using Twitter. "Companies need to ask themselves if their online presence is adequate or if they need to improve it to bring in new clients. Consumers make use of a wide range of devices, allowing them to remain connected while out and about, leading experts to believe these numbers will only increase in the future so companies cannot afford to overlook social media marketing," Mayer explains.

Social media marketing provides a company with the opportunity to interact with consumers while developing and strengthening their brand. Companies use this technique to reach a wide audience and promote the desired message while remaining available to the market at all times. "Customers appreciate the easy access and, when they find a company they like, they can easily share it with others," Mayer states.

A good marketing strategy encompasses many things. Companies need to develop a plan to use when interacting on social networking sites, and Living Media Ltd. can be of great assistance in developing this marketing plan. "From developing the strategy to training employees in the proper uses of social networking sites, Living Media Ltd. has it covered," Mayer proclaims.

When developing the social media strategy, one must understand how social media works and then develop the strategy to make full use of it. This strategy needs to provide a great first impression for visitors along with a professional and consistent brand presence to produce the desired results. Once the social media strategy has been implemented, Living Media Ltd. trains employees to ensure everyone knows what is expected when interacting with users and how to deal with negative feedback, among other things. If problems arise, Living Media Ltd. assists with their social media management services. "Living Media strives to ensure the social media strategy works in every way. If a company is struggling in one or more areas, give us a call so we can get it back on the right track," Mayer exclaims.

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Based in Liverpool, Living Media operates as an Internet marketing company with a passion for helping businesses improve and expand their online presence. Established in 1997, the company continues to provide customers with services needed to help them remain competitive in the changing marketplace, using a straight forward approach to help clients grow their business while strengthening their brand. The company commits to being honest, communicative, jargon free, professional, and transparent at all times.

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