#LiveLifeLighter Social Media Contest Winners Announced

Blossom Bariatrics’ #LiveLifeLighter Contestants Experience Health and Lifestyle Changes

“My staff and I get to hear inspiring success stories day-after-day and we thought it was time the world heard them too!” Dr. Tom Umbach of Blossom Bariatrics explains the contest Blossom Bariatrics sponsored, “We asked our clients to share, via social media, what it’s been like to #LiveLifeLighter after their bariatric surgery. Their responses were moving! After tallying up each contestant’s Likes, Hearts, +1’s, and Favorites, we’re excited to announce our winners!”

First Place ($300 Amazon Gift Card): Kristi Small Meharg
Second Place ($200 Amazon Gift Card): Wilhelmina Beckman
Third Place ($100 Amazon Gift Card): Linda DeLa Torre

Kristi’s winning post explained, “What I Love Most About ?#?LiveLifeLighter? is the ability to take an active roll in my family’s life. I can play on the floor with my kids, I can cross my legs, I can get up off the floor, I can go on walks. My arms and legs don’t “fall asleep” and cause me pain. I was able to have hernia repair laparoscopic instead of open. Thank you, ?#?BlossomBariatrics?.”

Wilhelmina described her experience, “I love being a mom! And I was a mom to 4 beautiful boys before I had the sleeve, but struggled with infertility. Shortly after reaching a healthy weight I found out I was pregnant and six months after having that baby I found out I was pregnant again! I am now a mom to 6 beautiful children and couldn’t be happier with how I ?#?LiveLifeLighter?. ?#?3L? ?#?BlossomBariatrics?.”

Linda shared on social media, “It’s been an amazing 6 months! 90 lb weight loss! I have more energy, no more anxiety, and enjoy clothes shopping again hahahaha! Looking forward to my ?#?FSY? fitness classes! I could never thank Blossom Bariatrics and the support of my family and friends enough!”

Dr. Tom loves to hear stories of people throwing out their blood pressure medication, tossing their sleep apnea machines, eliminating diabetes, playing in the park with their grandchildren for the first time, or doing any number of things they never dreamed possible. He says, “The best part about being on the Awesome Blossom Team is the chance to watch people’s lives completely transform every single day.”

“I would like to personally thank all those who participated,” Dr. Tom praises, “and after challenging you to share what it’s like to #LiveLifeLighter, all I can say is ‘Wow’! We had so much fun seeing your posts and the way you are inspiring others to start living happier, healthier lives.”

Dr. Tom finishes, “Our clients’ stories--their health and lifestyle changes--inspire me as a bariatric surgeon, and they are what motivates all of us at Blossom everyday.”

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