Live With Flair Announces Chalkboard Labels Now With Marker Included

Company aims to make a woman’s home and life an extension of her personal flair. Release of chalkboard stickers with liquid chalk marker makes it easy.

Cheyenne-based Live with Flair LLC, announces the inclusion of a liquid chalkboard marker to their popular chalkboard labels.

The company’s latest offering is chalkboard labels with a liquid chalk marker included. The labels were custom designed by the company’s founder and president, Rachel Aw. Aw was a graphic designer by training and profession when she decided to launch Live with Flair™ with her husband.

“I always wanted my home and life to be an extension of me,” says Aw. “I wanted my home to be my nest. A place where guests would come and sense my uniqueness – my flair. But it also had to be a place that was my refuge. A place where I could let my hair down, and feel comfortable, and at peace. These labels and marker are a part of that.”

The labels are a customizable solution for organization in the home or in the workplace. The labels are made from a durable, chalkboard-like vinyl which, as the name suggests, can be written on, erased and used again. Unlike traditional paper labels, these are almost infinitely reusable, which as Rachel Aw explains, gives them an enormous number of potential uses.

“Our pantry used to be monster of confusion. We could never tell what was in this container or that container. To find anything, we had to open and examine what felt like every box,” says Aw. “But when we hit on the idea of using a chalkboard label, things got a lot easier – and with the custom designed white   border, it looks a million times better. Now we can see what every container has at a glance. That was only one idea. We've been using the labels for everything from spices to organizing things in storage. Our customers have also come up with terrific ideas. For instance, one of them used them for their wedding reception. Another used them for her kids' toy storage bins. Since the labels have become so popular, we’re now including a free chalkboard pen with orders.”

Especially with the holidays coming soon, Live with Flair has been seeing many orders from people who are using the labels to personalize holiday presents like the popular gift in a jar. Others have found that they are ideal as stocking stuffers because the packaging is so beautiful.

With the chalkboard labels and the wealth of home and garden ideas available on their website, Live with Flair is taking steps to make living with flair a reality for every woman. The stickers with marker can be purchased on the company’s web site or Amazon -

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