Live Grow Enjoy Launches First Interactive Online Self-help Program to Boost Happiness and Life Satisfaction

Live Grow Enjoy's first online self-help application, Daily Happiness Boost, consists of exercises based on recognized research studies in the field of positive psychology. This program, first in a series of planned Daily Boost programs on, is designed to increase levels of happiness, enthusiasm and satisfaction in life.

Depression has become more rampant than ever and this is because people are increasingly coming out and letting the world know about their problems. The most effective way to solve these problems is shifting focus to the positive, joyful and successful experiences and this will boost the self-esteem and motivate persons suffering from depression, stress or anxiety, on a daily basis. This is exactly what the latest web application by Live Grow Enjoy, aptly named, ‘Daily Happiness Boost' offers to people who are feeling blue. It is a great tool for everybody that wants to accelerate their happiness and energy levels.

It is ironical that in the world that we currently reside in, where we have the best as far as material comfort is concerned, social and psychological problems are getting more and more rampant. Problems with depression, stress and anxiety are becoming commonplace and the amount of money being spent on the treatment for these ailments is ever growing. With the right techniques such as CBT, which has proven to be a very effective method for these problems, we can reverse the negative effects of these ailments.

Currently being offered for a 14 day free trial period on the company's website, this freshly released program's positive effects can be seen within a week of usage, up to 6 months. People simply have to log in every day to complete a CBT-based writing exercise which has been inspired by the research findings of David Seligman, often described as the founder of positive psychology.

The results of the research have revealed that people who write about the things that make them happy on a daily basis, tend to be less depressed and those who write about what they are grateful for each day, become more alert, enthusiastic, determined, attentive and energetic. After the 14 day trial period, is users find the application effective, they can subscribe to it at a cost of between 1 and 0,5 € per month, depending on their perception.

“I am proud and excited about the launch of our first web application and hope it will increase levels of happiness and energy for a lot of people,” says Annette Andersson, founder of Live Grow Enjoy.

Live Grow Enjoy is a company that was established last year by Annette Andersson of Sweden who has a master's degree in chemical engineering and has always been passionate about personal development and researching about ways in which people can better their lives effectively. The company was developed with an aim to create and offer easy-to-use web application programs for self-improvement and increased well-being. The company's website contains a lot of information, tips and links to useful resources on the internet regarding personal growth.

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