Little Sleepy Head Products Support Early Childhood Language Development

Little Sleepy Head products are designed to make sure kids will get the best possible night of rest. This supports the development of the parts of the brain responsible for memory for word meanings.

Little Sleepy Head products have been created to make sure young children have what they need to get a great sleep at night – which research shows is a vital component of language development.

Recent study findings published in the Current Biology journal showed that baby and young child brains need the right amount of sleep to best associate meanings with words. The research determined that this was necessary in a broader age range than had previously been believed. The word and meaning association skills had previously been observed only in older kids and adults. However, the newest research, conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (MPI CBS) in Leipzig, Germany, revealed that this occurs as early as between six and eight months of age.

The research also underscored the importance of sleep in this form of lexical development. The words and meanings go through the same sleep stages for lexical development as do the organization and accessibility of memories.

Little Sleepy Head products – from the bath time skin care to the toddler pillows and several lines of pillowcases – have all been designed to ensure young children get the best possible rest every night. They can be used as a part of healthy sleep hygiene routines to make it easier for kids to fall asleep and remain sleeping for the full length of time they require.

The Little Sleepy Head Gentle Hair and Body Wash and the brand’s Hydrating Baby Lotion can both be incorporated into a soothing bath and moisturizing routine before bed. The natural ingredients in these two products both include chamomile and lavender, which are fantastic calming aromatherapy scents.

Moreover, the company’s toddler pillows and super soft and snuggly lines of toddler pillowcase are the perfect size and for a child’s comfort and to support his or her head and neck for the perfect sleep at night. As sleep improves, so does the opportunity to enhance natural language development, say the study findings.

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