Little Sleepy Head Products Keep Kids Comfy in Their Own Rooms

Little Sleepy Head swaddles, toddler pillows and snuggly soft pillowcases may help kids to remain comfortable in their own beds, which may help them to get a better night of sleep, says a recent study.

A new study published in the Pediatrics medical journal suggests that the sooner a child has his or her own bedroom, the better they will sleep on average. Little Sleepy Head products can help to maintain the ideal comfortable bedtime environment.

The research results fly in the face of the traditional American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations but are generating a great deal of interest among pediatricians and sleep experts. The findings were the result of a data analysis from 230 completed first-time mother surveys. Pediatrician Dr. Ian Paul from Penn State led the research.

He determined that babies and very young kids sleeping in a different room from their parents experience longer lengths of uninterrupted sleep. Babies at 4 months slept the most, but they slept the same average length regardless of whether they were in their own rooms or in their parents’ rooms. That said, by 9 months old, babies sleeping in their own rooms gained 40 minutes more per night and 20 minutes more overall per 24 hour period when compared to kids sleeping in their parents’ rooms.

At 12 months, the difference disappeared, but returned once again among toddlers. By the time a child is 2 and a half years old, if he or she had been in his or her own bedroom by 9 months of age, there was a gain of 45 minutes more sleep every night over kids who had shared a parent’s bedroom longer. There have been many theories put forward with regards to why this may be the case, particularly in terms of overcoming separation anxiety.

Little Sleepy Head products are designed to help babies and kids achieve a more restful and comfortable night of sleep. From the bath time products that support the maintenance of a calming bedtime routine, to the swaddles that provide babies with breathable but super-soft warmth, the brand offers something to all childhood ages.

Once toddlers are ready to transition to their big kid beds, the Little Sleepy Head toddler pillows and organic pillows provide the perfect snuggly head and neck support. The many lines of pillowcases let parents choose the ideal fabrics and patterns for their kids’ tastes and preferences. In this way, kids can feel comfortable and soothed in their own bedrooms, helping to promote a restful night.

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