Little Sleepy Head Products Help Kids Rest Even if the CDC Says School Starts Too Early

Little Sleepy Head products can effectively support the development and maintenance of a healthy kids’ sleep routine, despite the CDC’s warning that children start their days too early for school.

Little Sleepy Head is proud to say that its products can be effectively used in virtually any healthy sleep schedule for kids and can help support better rest even if the CDC says that school is forcing them to rise too early in the morning.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently posted on its official website that current school schedules require students to rise too early. It also pointed out that if schools implemented later start times, youth would benefit by gaining more rest, better health, improved academic performance and enhanced quality of life.

The CDC also pointed out that a lack of adequate sleep quality is among the leading reasons that children experience heightened risks such as being overweight and performing poorly academically. The federal agency pointed to a recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which suggested a later start to American schools.

Whether or not school districts will start changing their policies will take quite some time, particularly when decisions need to be made individually among each district across the country. Until then, kids are still getting up early and must do what they can to obtain the rest they need.

Most pediatricians and sleep experts agree that this includes a healthy sleep routine. This includes stopping device use at least an hour before bedtime, winding down before bed in dimmed lighting, taking part in calming routines, and sticking to a set bedtime and waking time every day (including on weekends).

Little Sleepy Head bath and bedding products are designed to complement proper sleep hygiene for kids. The Gentle Hair and Body Wash gently cleanses away the day while its soothing natural botanicals such as lavender and chamomile help to keep bath time calm. The Hydrating Baby Lotion only furthers the calming experience with the same natural scents massaged into the skin. Finally, all clean and dressed for bed, the child can cuddle up with a snuggly, hypoallergenic premium toddler pillow and toddler pillowcase for a bedtime story or some quiet reading before it’s lights-out.

The toddler pillow is the perfect size and fill to support a young child’s head and neck, promoting more comfortable sleeping positions. The pillowcases are made with an envelope closure, which helps to baffle even the most determine child’s efforts to remove it overnight. With everything properly sized and kept in place, a child is more likely to be restful through the night.

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