Little Sleepy Head Products Help Kids Keep Night Terrors at Bay

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Fatigue is a significant contributor to children’s sleep terrors but Little Sleepy Head products help kids to get more consistent rest at night, possibly staving off these terrible nightmares that are most common in those younger than 12 years.

Little Sleepy Head is glad to announce that kids using its bedtime products, such as toddler pillows, may be at a reduced risk of experiencing night terrors.

Night terrors, also known as sleep terrors, are a type of nightmare in which the episode can involve flailing and screaming while the child is still asleep. Some cases of these episodes include sleepwalking. Not only can this be a frightening experience for the child, but it can also be one that involves physical danger. Kids who sleep walk in a sleep terror could potentially trip or fall. That said, the sleep terror itself doesn’t place the child in any additional health risks.

Kids under the age of 12 years old are at the greatest risk of experiencing night terrors. That said, even among children who do experience them, they are likely to stop suffering from them by the time they reach middle school or high school age.

Among the most common recommendations made by pediatricians advising parents of children with sleep terrors is to make special efforts to ensure the kids are well rested. Kids can reduce the instance of sleep terrors when they have a steady calming bedtime routine (which does not allow for the use of electronics) and a set bedtime and waking time (including weekends).

The bedtime routine can include taking a bath or washing faces and hands, brushing teeth, reading quietly, saying prayers, or other comforting activities. Kids who don’t sleep enough at night may benefit from a nap during the daytime to help to keep them rested and restful.

The child’s bedroom environment can also play an important role in his or her sleep quality. Improvements can include blocking outside light from streetlights or passing cars and choosing bedding that is cozy and comfortable.

Little Sleepy Head toddler pillows are made of hypoallergenic materials including premium fabric and fill. They are handcrafted in the United States and are the perfect size for toddlers and young children. The brand’s many lines of pillowcases are snuggly soft and fit the pillowcases perfectly. Together, they create a pillow that is fun to cuddle and that cradles a child’s head and neck to ensure the most restful sleep at night. The fact that they are all easy to clean (machine washable and dryable) and are hypoallergenic can also contribute to a good night of sleep.

As a result, children using Little Sleepy Head products may gain a better rest at night and at naptime, reducing their night terror risk.

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