Little Sleepy Head Products Help Kids Adjust to Their Own Rooms

Little Sleepy Head is proud to offer products that support the transition to big kid beds within a young child’s own room, promoting improved sleep quality.

Little Sleepy Head products are created to be the perfect size and design for young children who are transitioning from their cribs to their big kid beds as well as those who are just getting started in their own rooms.

A recent international study showed that babies and young children get a better night of sleep when they are in their own rooms. When kids are ready to sleep in their own bedrooms – regardless of whether they were previously in a crib or co-sleeping – the right bedtime routine and bedding can make all the difference to healthy sleep.

The study was published in the Sleep Medicine journal and involved the participation of parents of approximately 10,000 babies and young children from the United States, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand. About 37 percent of the American children and 48 percent of the international kids slept in a separate room from their parents. In both groups, the kids who slept in their own rooms had earlier bedtimes, fell asleep faster, slept more throughout the night and had more sleep overall during any given 24 hour period. The research looked into the sleeping habits of babies aged 6 months through to very early childhood.

When kids are ready to move into their own rooms and their own beds, parents find that bedtime is easier and kids sleep better when they maintain healthy bedtime hygiene. This includes a winding down routine ahead of getting tucked into a dark, cool (but not cold) room with comfortable bedding and the right pillow size for a small sleeper.

Little Sleepy Head bath time products are made of organic, botanical ingredients that are gentle on delicate skin while providing a natural soothing lavender and chamomile scent. In this way, the Gentle Hair and Body Wash supports a calming bath experience while the Hydrating Baby Lotion promotes relaxation before bed.

All clean and moisturized, the little one is then ready to snuggle into his or her own bed with a Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow handcrafted in the United States using premium, hypoallergenic fabric, in the perfect size and fill for a young child. Using the right pillow size helps a child to be comfortable throughout the night, with proper support for his or her head and neck. The super-soft, Toddler Pillowcase in fun designs (and an envelope-style enclosure kids can’t pull off during the night) only completes the experience.

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