Little Sleepy Head Products Contribute to Positive Experiences

Recent research indicates that there is a direct relationship between quality sleep and reduced conflict or improved positive experiences during the following day.

Little Sleepy Head products such as toddler and youth pillows, pillowcases, and the gentle hair and body wash, are all designed to help enhance the quality of a child’s sleep. According to recent studies, this may contribute to a reduction in stressors the next day, building a cycle of positive experiences and decreased conflict.

Researchers from the Penn State University Department of Biobehavioral Health (BBH) were able to identify a direct relationship between a person’s sleep quality at night and the stressors they experience during the next day. They also found that the number of quality hours a person sleeps will impact the next day’s stressors.

This is an important relationship as it forms a cycle that will lead to a positive or negative experience for individuals and their families. The findings were the results of two separate studies which complemented each other. Together, they showed that the better a person sleeps, the more positive their experiences, the less likely they are to find themselves in conflict, the more likely they are to take on healthful activities such as exercise, and the more time they’ll want to spend with other family members.

Little Sleepy Head understands the value of sleep. The entire company was created on the premise that children can obtain a better night of rest when using the right bedtime products meant specifically for their needs.

The toddler and youth pillows are perfectly sized for smaller sleepers and are made with high quality, 100% hypoallergenic cotton exteriors and premium polyester cluster fill. They’re not too fluffy and not too flat, with just the right amount of fill to comfortably cradle the head and neck at night.

The various collections of matching pillowcases are all made of very soft materials and are also hypoallergenic. They are made in classic white and fun patterns that kids love. These snuggly fabrics make it easier for kids to get comfortable at night and settle in for sleep.

The new gentle hair and body wash is made from all natural, organic, and botanical ingredients with no paragons, no sulfates, no colorants, no petrolatum, no mineral oil, no fragrance, and no dyes. It is tear-free, made in the United States, and has never been tested on animals. That said, the natural lavender and chamomile in the ingredients provide a gentle aromatherapy to complement the soothing bathing experience at bedtime.

When used as a part of a consistent, regular bedtime routine, each of these products can contribute to a better quality of sleep at night. This may help to reduce stress during the daytime and pave way for a better overall positive experience; something that all kids – and their families – can enjoy.


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