Little Sleepy Head Makes it Easier to Choose Safer Children’s Skin Care

Little Sleepy Head is rapidly releasing new additions to its bath and body product line to help make it easier for parents to make choices that will be safer and gentler on their kids’ skin.

Little Sleepy Head is working to inform parents about safe skin care for their kids and is continually developing new products to release to make the choice simpler for moms and dads.

The company’s first product in this line was its Gentle Hair and Body Wash. This all-natural cleanser is exceptionally gentle and completely tear-free. It is made with trusted botanicals including the lavender and chamomile that provide this product with its natural scent, as it is completely chemical fragrance free. It is also sulfate free, paragon free, phthalate free, colorant free and does not contain mineral oil, dyes or petrolatum.

With the explosive popularity of that bath time product for babies and kids, Little Sleepy Head has announced the upcoming launch of its Hydrating Baby Lotion and its Daily Rehydrating Sunscreen. These products, like the first in the skin care line, are gentle enough to be used on a baby’s sensitive skin every day.

The team at Little Sleepy Head understands that kids aren’t just little versions of adults. They are always growing and developing at the same time that – pound for pound – they are exposed to more air, food, water and skin care product contaminants than the grown-ups who care for them. The EPA says that babies experience carcinogens with 10 times greater potency than adults. Some chemicals can be up to 65 times more potent for babies than adults. The fear is that the subtle yet continual damage made to their developing bodies could bring about health struggles later on in their lives.

Since it’s very difficult to know which substances are known to be safe, which ones are known not to be, and which simply don’t have enough research to be sure one way or the other, parents find it understandably challenging to make the right choices for their kids.

Little Sleepy Head’s goal is to take the weight off parents’ shoulders by developing and selling only the best quality products that are designed specifically for the sensitive skin of a baby or young child. With these products, there’s no more guess work needed. Parents can look at the ingredients in these formulas and recognize each substance as something they know and trust.

For example, the Gentle Hair and Body Wash is made of natural and organic ingredients like pear, blueberry, banana, orange, and cucumber, as well as soothing oats, vitamins, and premium botanicals like lavender, chamomile, marigold, and aloe vera. With a formula like that, it’s no wonder that it has become the first and only choice for many parents.

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