Little Sleepy Head Helps Parents Overcome A Major Public Health Concern

Today’s gadgets and devices can keep kids awake at night but Little Sleepy Head products aim to create a more restful environment conducive to better sleep at night.

Little Sleepy Head products are designed to help create a soothing and restful sleep environment for children.

This is an important step to ensuring that kids will get the sleep they need at night. Today’s children are, according to a recent study, commonly failing to receive the type of experience they need at bedtime to ensure proper sleep.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics examined the impact of devices such as cell phones, tablets, and computers on kids. What they found was that these gadgets, even when not being used, can affect the length and quality of sleep.

The study pointed out that 72% of kids and 89% of teens had a minimum of one device within their sleeping environment. The majority of those kids used the devices close to bedtime. The research determined that this screen time before bedtime can reduce sleep quality. The paper labeled this connection as “a major public health concern.”

Little Sleepy Head is creating and selling products meant to provide the exact opposite effect. Just as screen time is said to be psychologically stimulating and the light emissions from devices can impact the natural circadian rhythms (sleeping and waking cycle) of a child’s body, the use of Little Sleepy Head products is meant to soothe a child at bedtime and create an effective bedtime routine.

The company’s toddler pillows are designed to be the perfect fit for young sleepers. They are 100% hypoallergenic and contain the ideal amount of fill to cradle little heads and necks. This is true regardless of a child’s favorite sleep position. Furthermore, the toddler pillowcases are exceptionally soft and snuggly, providing kids with a calming and cuddly bedtime experience.

When combined with the recommendation from the study to remove bedtime access to devices from children, Little Sleepy Head products can help to overcome nighttime sleep struggles and reduce the risk of excessive daytime sleepiness.


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