Little Sleepy Head Encourages Families to Build Restful Bedtime Routines

Recent research shows a rising instance of sleep struggles among children, so Little Sleepy Head is using its products and social media to encourage better bedtime routines for restful nights.

Little Sleepy Head has responded to a serious issue regarding sleeping problems that are growing in children, by encouraging families to adopt healthy bedtime habits.

NHS data recently revealed that the instance of sleep disorders among kids aged 14 years and younger over the last decade. Moreover, during that same span of time, kids and adults over the age of 55 years are now prescribed melatonin sleep medication ten times more frequently.

An increased exposure to blue light emitted from device screens is believed to be a major culprit driving this trend, as blue light exposure interrupts natural melatonin production. A rise in the consumption of sugary beverages and caffeine among children is also considered to be a contributor to childhood sleeplessness.

While a lack of sleep has a negative impact on people at any age, when children don’t get the rest they need, studies show that these kids are more likely to suffer from a reduced immunity, to be obese, and to experience mental health issues. Kids who don’t get the sleep they need are also more prone to poor performance at school and may struggle with emotional control.

Little Sleepy Head products are designed to help children to sleep more restfully at night. That said, the company acknowledges that products alone aren’t enough to overcome this sleeplessness epidemic that appears to be spreading among children. It is for this reason that the company is encouraging families to adopt healthy sleep routines in order to get the very most out of the brand’s products.

It is in that way that kids will be able to become restful and drift off into a sleep that will last throughout the night. Little Sleepy Head recommends that parents follow the recommendations of their pediatricians, which most commonly involve setting a soothing routine that begins at least an hour before bedtime.

It should be a time free of device screens (including everything from phones to tablets, computers and televisions) and that involves calm activities in reduced lighting. This may include bathing with Little Sleepy Head Gentle Hair and Body Wash (in calming natural lavender and chamomile scent), followed by story time while snuggled up with a toddler pillow and super-soft pillowcase.

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