Little Sleepy Head Bedtime Products May Help Moms Get More Sleep

Little Sleepy Head calming bath time products, toddler pillows and pillowcases provide a restful sleep experience for kids, which can translate to more rest for moms, too.

Little Sleepy Head products such as its flagship toddler pillows as well as pillowcase lines and soothing bath time products are designed to ensure kids fall asleep and stay restful all night long. This not only helps kids to get the sleep they need but may also give parents some much-needed additional hours.

The impact of a child’s ability to sleep on parents – particularly moms – has always been obvious to people who have kids. After all, if your son or daughter isn’t sleeping, the odds are that you’re very short on your nightly eight hours, too. In fact, a recent study has confirmed what moms have always known: they don’t sleep well once they have children.

The study was conducted by researchers at Georgia Southern University. It determined that every new child in a family disrupts a mother’s sleep by an additional 50 percent. That said, this same growth in the family doesn’t seem to impact a father’s rest. This is particularly problematic as women require more sleep every night than men in order to be healthy.

Certainly, this is not the same in every household, but it is a reflection of the average family with kids.

Fortunately, there are things that families can do to help to reduce the sleep loss mothers are suffering every night. It begins with ensuring that the kids get a decent amount of sleep every night. Among the most recommended techniques to make sure kids are getting the rest they need is to establish a set bedtime routine. This includes repeated calming behaviors and a strict bedtime and waking time.

Little Sleepy Head products are designed to build just that kind of more soothing bedtime routine. For instance, the Gentle Hair & Body Wash is not only easy on the skin, which makes for a lovely bathing experience, but it also contains lavender and chamomile; naturally calming scents that can relax a child at bedtime.

The company recently announced the launch of its Hydrating Baby Lotion in the same scent, which will only complement the bathing experience. A gentle bedtime massage to hydrate the child’s skin with botanicals such as oatmeal, aloe and shea butter creates a comfortable, relaxing environment each night.

Finally, when it’s time to curl up for a bedtime story and prayer, kids can snuggle up with their perfectly-sized toddler pillows and super-soft pillowcases. They’re cuddly while the child is awake and provide head and neck support once they fall asleep, promoting an unbroken and restful sleep.

Once the kids are in bed, moms can start the same bedtime routines for themselves to help ensure they, too, will get as many hours each night as possible.

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