Little Sleepy Head Announces Hydrating Baby Lotion Launch

Little Sleepy Head is expanding its baby skin care line with the launch of its new natural and organic Hydrating Baby Lotion in June. It is designed to be the ideal addition to a healthy bedtime routine.

Little Sleepy Head has announced the upcoming launch of the next addition to its natural and organic baby skin care line: the Hydrating Baby Lotion.

This new baby lotion was carefully formulated with a proprietary blend consisting of moisturizing aloe, shea butter, and oils in combination with botanicals. These natural ingredients were chosen to be refreshing and soothing. Despite the fact that they are entirely fragrance-free, the lavender and chamomile among the ingredients have their own naturally calming scent.

The Little Sleepy Head Hydrating Baby Lotion’s gentle scent and moisturizing benefits make it the ideal addition to a peaceful bath time before bed. Applying lotion in a relaxing massage routine provides baby’s skin with much needed moisture while easing muscles and creating an overall feeling of restfulness.

Like all Little Sleepy Head products, this lotion is made in the United States by a dedicated team of local men and women who take great care to ensure customers can place their trust in every bottle.

When combined with a complete bedtime routine, kids can find it far easier to wind down and fall into a restful night’s sleep. It can start with a bath using Little Sleepy Head Gentle Hair and Body Wash, followed by a moisturizing massage with the Hydrating Baby Lotion and a snuggle into bed with a premium toddler or youth pillow and a favorite super-soft pillowcase.

The Little Sleepy Head Hydrating Baby Lotion will be available on both the official website as well as on Amazon. It will be launched with a product special available for free to Insiders Club members who can sign up on the Little Sleepy Head website. Moreover, after the launch it will also be available through a subscription purchase on Amazon. This helps to make sure customers will never run out of the lotion as it will be automatically shipped to them each month.

For more information about the launch of the Little Sleepy Head Hydrating Baby Lotion, about the product itself, and about the company behind the product, visit the official company website at

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